A polite request concerning the Grave Matters event

First let me wish you a happy New Year. I hope you all had a great Christmas :slight_smile:
As you may have seen, the Grave Matters Event has been quite fun and successful for many of us. Unfortunately, as you are aware, many others have not been so lucky and have been unable to get the event to even start, while some have been unable to trigger more than one or two events before it ceased to function.

Therefore, I’d like to ask Funcom to extend the deadline of the event for console users - or, if necessary, to fully restart it for them at a later date. That way they can have the same chance as the rest of us to fully enjoy the event itself (rather than just getting the same rewards by some simple other method). It is understood that the issue has been reported and is being worked on, but given the short time frame remaining, it would be good to implement one of these options as well.

Based on the comments made by Dennis Douthett and Matt Fleming in their recent interview with Pixelcave, it seems this is intended to be just the first event, with others to hopefully follow - but it would be hard to consider it successful if a large number of players never had the chance to access it. Dennis also commented during that same interview in support of console users, and that they represent more than half of the playerbase. I feel that this could be a perfect gesture to demonstrate that support in a practical form.

I’m sorry to drop this in your laps so soon after getting back, but, as I’m sure you can see, it is quite time-sensitive, with the end date for Grave Matters fast approaching.

To be clear - I am not asking for an extension or restart for PC, we have had a fair chance - I’m just asking for all console users to have that same opportunity. I hope that whoever needs to make the decision on this is able to give it serious consideration :slight_smile:

For additional reference:


Thanks for the support.


Thankyou SO MUCH for raising this request DanQuixote! I thankyou humbly for your care and your solidarity with the console players of Conan Exiles. Us console folks are all loyal and passionate people who love, support and believe in Conan Exiles. We just want the opportunity to share in the fun too. Funcom please, please, PLEASE extend the event for consoles.


I too (PC Player) agree that not all Conan Exiles players got to enjoy the content of the event. Please allow them their chance to experience it as well for the same length of time.


I would like to append this request:

Allow Server Admins to extend or activate/deactivate the event at any given time. Because of unexpected downtime on my server I’d like the option to give my players additional time to do the event or even start it up again (like around Halloween).

Beyond that, I too support the OP request.


What happened with your servers certainly fits the category of ‘act of god(s)’ and it would definitely be good if some sort of solution is able to be offered for those situations as well. (Also, it might just generally be a good option, as I can imagine there are some servers that might actually find the events disruptive and prefer to be without them.)

If doing so would not add so much extra work as to make the central request unviable, then I support your call as well and hope that Funcom will consider all elements of this situation.

We’ve just learned from Wak’s new video of answers from Dennis that this event is indeed planned to be the first of several (many?) and that part of the aim clearly seems to be to bring more ‘story’ into the game - it would be terrible if large numbers of players never had the opportunity to experience the very first chapter.


For the people on my server that have missed out I. Plan admin in a few sets of event items for some sort of challenge. It would be cool to turn event on and off for private servers


So, fellow console players who suffer from Grave Matter event not spawning on your solo worlds. Since Grave Matter event is ending in 5 days and we didn’t get fix yet I just in case I used admin panel on my solo world to spawn in:

  • 10x complete Skelos armour set
  • 8x complete furniture set
  • 200x potions.
    I suggest you do the same. I prefer survival gameplay, I don’t use Admin Panel. Those spawn in items won’t have same value as items I grinded for on server but what the hell…
    So far I did 72 runs on Grave Matter event on official european PVE server #3033 and I based my solo world “spawn in list” on loot that I gathered on my multiplayer grind. I was extra generous with furniture set as on server I’ve managed to complete only 1 full set [1xround table, 3xlibrary, 4xcouldron[big pot] and 5xregular table]. So round table is definetly most rarest spawn for me. If I may ask some1 to write down and paste english names for armour, furniture and potion from Grave Matter event as I play polish version and I don’t know exact english names for those items. Just in case I’m going to write down all items names in polish with in my own words english translation and exact number of how many times I’ve managed to loot it from the online event:
  • 10x mistrzowski kaptur wyznawcy Skelosa [master hood of Skelos follower]
  • 10x mistrzowska szata wyznawcy Skelosa [master [torso armour lol] of Skelos follower]
  • 14x mistrzowskie owijski wyznawcy Skelosa [master gloves of Skelos follower]
  • 10x mistrzowski fartuch wyznawcy Skelosa [master [leg armour lol] of Skelos follower]
  • 17x mistrzowskie buty wyznawcy Skelosa [master shoes of Skelos follower].
  • furniture, placebles:
  • 1x rozpadający się okrągły stół [felling apart round table]
  • 3x zapomniana biblioteczka [forgotten library shelf]
  • 4x podejrzany kociołek [suspicious bowl [or cauldron, big pot]
  • 5x porzucony stół [abandomned table].
  • potions
  • 117x mikstura zagubionych dusz [forgotten souls mixture].


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For anyone looking to spawn the items from the event, the English names are below. However, as OlSkunGun points out, this will be far less satisfying for players than earning them in game. In fact, I would argue that the rewards themselves are actually the least important part of the process, and it is the chance to actually take part in the event that is the most important.
(It’s also worth noting that there is some evidence players unable to start the event at all may also be unable to spawn the items from the admin panel. This isn’t certain yet - and would be good if anyone can directly confirm it - but if correct then it’s yet another problem.)

English names for event items:
Skelos Cultist Master’s Robes
Skelos Cultist Master’s Hood
Skelos Cultist Master’s Shoes
Skelos Cultist Master’s Skirt
Skelos Cultist Master’s Handwraps
(All under the ‘Gear’ tab)

Abandoned Table
Decrepit Round Table
Forgotten Bookshelf
Questionable Cauldron
(all under ‘Building’ tab)

Plus ‘Potion of Lost Souls’


It would be a very fitting Halloween event.


This here. I couldn’t give a lick about the items, just the challenge and novelty of the event. The ability to restart or prolong it on my private server for my players would be awesome.


Success…kind of

I have some good news folks. While making my way to the forum I noticed that an announcement has been made on the twitter thumbnail explaining that the event has been extended for an additional week.

But…and there is still a big


I am not meaning to sound ungrateful here, and we are happy to receive additional time. BUT…it will be of no use to us as console players if it still does not work. The event is broken on consoles! Depending on who you talk to, it has either never worked from the get go, or it ceased to work after appearing once or twice. What we really need to accompany this extension is a FIX, otherwise the clock will simply run out again and we still will not get to enjoy it.

@Community you do not need to respond to this post if you do not wish to. But please pass on the word that we need a hotfix, as an extension alone will not resolve the problem.


It is not showing up in my wife’s offline game that does not have a psn account. Her offline co-OP game with a account has it @Croms_Faithful functioning.

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I have a PSN account good buddy, it may be an issue more to Singleplayer mode? But then I have seen some feedback from folks having the same trouble on online servers too. More after work. :wink:

EDIT: is that what you meant sestus2009, that it may not work without a PSN account…?

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Ordinarily I do not cheat in this game unless it is correct a bug, so this does not sit especially well with me. And I would much rather play the event. But as this is a bug, and we may not get a fix in time, I feel it would be wise to have contingency plan in place. Therefore, I may just have to spawn in one of each item and stash them in a chest for back up. If the fix arrives in time I will discard them and farm them naturally as intended.

@DanQuixote can you or any other members please tell me the names of any and all enslavable taskmasters and/or other NPCs who spawn as part of the event?


I have one of the 2 that can be knocked out will get the second and let you know. I should get back to bed or give up and play???


OK I am going online who needs sleep.


Stathem the Embalmer. Have to beat on some heads now. @Croms_Faithful


You should get some rest sestus2009, the event has already been extended for an additional week. You have yourself some much needed sleep and down time old friend. :blush: