Encounters/Events Still Broken In Singleplayer

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: Singleplayer
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

The events/encounters system is still broken and still will not activate on my Singleplayer ps5 game! I have tried being online and being offline. I have tried reverting all of my games settings and admin settings to default. I have tried, walking, riding, maproom teleporting and admin teleporting literally dozens of times over the last 4-5 weeks now, to every current encounter/events spawn point. And I am STILL yet to see one initiate even a single time. As it stands right now, I am currently 0 from 5 when events/encounters to date in Conan Exiles. Defined as 5 because Grave Matters did not work the first time either. Back when this event first took place I, as with numerous other members took the time to draw attention to this issue. Both I provided feedback and a very dear friend DanQuixote provided feedback which was acknowledged. An extension of grave matters was offered, but to the best of my knowledge a fix has not been released for the Playstation Singleplayer issue.

Now here I am facing this misery invoking problem again. I have never once seen so much as a map marker during the initial Grave Matters event, nor once had this challenge (image 1) appear in the challenges window for the battle pass since the release of the current ones. Because aside from the very first Halloween Event, not one single events has ever appeared in my Singleplayer game of Conan Exiles!

Yet I can view the Black Lotus Bazaar, Battle Pass and Challenges at any time. And with the direction we are headed in for the Chapter 2 Battle Pass, I stand to miss out on huge chunks of the game’s emergent story as well as unique items and rewards if something is not done to rectify this. I want to be involved, I want to participate, I want to earn unique items, and I want to have the same options and opportunities available to me as the rest of the community. And I do not feel that this is an unreasonable request. Funcom, please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE,


release a fix for this issue or if it is a setting, help me to resolve it. Please help me!

@Community, @Mayra and also @den this time (as I thought I read somewhere that he was a playstation player…could be wrong).

I have already reached out to and discussed the dilemma with some other member in the thread below, which I would also humbly invite you to check out.

Bug Reproduction:

Part I

  1. play Conan Exiles and spend weeks on end trying unsuccessfully to get it to initiate
  2. provide a report and polite constructive feedback for moving forward

Part II

  1. log onto singleplayer mode
  2. search all possible spawn locations for the current encounters/events and do no find a single one
  3. repeat the aformentioned step for some 4-5 weeks
  4. reach out to some other knowledgeable members of the community for assistance
  5. plead with Funcom for assistance!

There are no map markers for event’s. Grave matters did, but no more map markers as of 3.0

Nice to see that you have made your triumphant return to the forums. After what happened the last time the last time I provided feedback on this subject, I am a little wary as to your intentions here. So I am going to do what I do best, that is be direct and lay it all on the table. If you are here help then you have my sincere and profound thanks, and I welcome you here with comradery and open arms. If however you are here to nitpick, attempt to police my post, or cast abuse or accusations, then go elsewhere please.

To explain, I put the ‘map markers’ in the report because I was under the impression they appeared, based on another members post.

And because I have never had so much as a single one of these Events/Encounters work to date, I had been unable to ascertain for myself if this was the case. And at this point in time I have been more focused on getting them to actually work. Although it is entirely possible I misunderstood, or it is a typographical error. But nonetheless, in the interests of being as accurate as possible it has been EDITED.

I’m not “back.”

Just trying to educate, didn’t say that your bug report was false or anything else…Sigh…I’ll see myself out.

Multi is very correct. There are no map markers for encounters anymore. It is intentional because they dont want people running to them en masse when they appear. They want them to be “organic” and something you find about your travels, by seeing the vortex at a distance or something like that.

Education is fine. In that case you are not only most welcome, but strongly encouraged to stay. See what I said bellow.

I was not insinuating any motive, which is why I covered both possibilities. I just did not want us to get into an ugly exchange like we did last time. Very much to the contrary, I would highly value the input of someone with your technical know how. The choice is yours Multigun, but do hope you will remain and accept an invitation.

I never said that he wasn’t. And I have accepted his word. But I will say to you; knowing that are no map markers for the encounters/events does not offer any further insights as to the causation of the issue, or assist me in resolving it. Do you have any helpful recommendations?

Well I can offer this. The encounters are not turned on and off via the client/server, but are activated on Funcom’s end. I do know that in at least some testlive environments, encounters are also not firing. So I would guess that there is a communication error somewhere inbetween, either some combination of funcom live services having an issue or some other communication issue (would have to know how it works to have more details but thats why we cant mod encounters), or whatever they use to trigger encounters remotely is down (maybe its some specific computer). So I doubt this has anything to do with ps4 unless you are not connected to the internet while playing (which I doubt due to the fact that you said you see the bazaar and battlepass).


Now that is what I call some amazing, helpful information! I did not know any of this. Bravo and thankyou very much for your helpfulness there darth! :smiling_imp: :metal: I know that @Barnes, @Xevyr and @LostBrythunian had all done a phenomenal job offering helpful suggestions and sharing their experiences in the ‘need help with the 4 events’ thread I posted above. But we are running out of ideas. And I was starting to suspect that it was something on Funcom’s end of things. Although based on both now, and to an even greater extent the first Grave Matters event, it seems to be almost exclusively an issue affecting Singleplayer mode on Playstation, both ps4 and ps5 I guess, as I moved up to ps5 between the two time periods. And yes my good fellow I have tried to be online while searching for them. I will update the original post with both that and a few other observations and ideas soon, hopefully after work this evening.


I can offer this though:
Regardless of the reasons for “why” and even if the encounters are queried from the Funcom Live Services servers like we established in the other thread, as long as you do have an active internet connection and your Battle-pass etc can work just fine, this should too… especially if it’s working for other people in the same household with the same internet connection.

So in that context… this IS a bug, whether it’s an elusive one or not… and sure you might be able to dive deep and dissect your playstation files and track the whole connection to the servers and debug it, but there’s only so much you can expect an regular user to do so yea, time for Funcom to give it a shot too, especially since they have more information than we had :smiley:

(also, MG was correct as there are NO encounter markers on the map for any of them, just to clarify)


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