The event [Grave Matters] will not start.(December 9, 2021)

Game mode: [ All ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ All ]
Region: [ ASIA ]
Hardware: [ PS4 pro ]

Bug Description:

After Update 2.7 (Conan Exiles PS Japanese version “Conan Outcasts” Update 1.54) and after resetting the server, the event [Grave Matters] does not occur. (At the time of writing this report) * Log in after the above and wait for 1 hour or more. * Both Isle of Siptah and Exile land.

Steps to Reproduce:

I know nothing but the passage of time about the trigger for this event.

[ Other my conditions are as follows]
・Conan Exiles PS Japanese version “Conan Outcasts” the disc version.
・Main Active : The official ASIA PVE 4216 servers.
・My Consoles(PS4 Pro).
・My use connection: wired
・My address: japan (Using Asia server from Japan)
・Our region number is #341742/31942.

  • After reporting to your company Zendesk, I received a reply and posted it in the forum. (Funcom [33284] Bug Report)

Please check with @Community .
Thank you!

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I’m on Xbox and I had one start after I used admin teleport but otherwise I have none and I’m U.S. side too


Regarding this problem, we asked you to respond to @Ignasi Twitter and confirmed the correction!

Thank you for your prompt response!

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Thank you!
We had the first event earlier, but we are testing to see if it will be the same as you.


At least, I have confirmed that the event was able to move normally (occurrence time, frequency, etc.) in the above environment I reported.

I don’t have an Xbox, so I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.

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Step 1. to activate, you and friends or you and thrall. Step up to bubble in center of small corrupted posts spewing colored smoke

Step 2. Thrall/NPC boss will spawn in bubble. Have your friends or thrall distract by fighting blue wights .

Step 3. You use explosive arrows or bombs to blow up all three smoking towers…

Step 4. When all 3 towers of corruption smoke are toppled, blue glowing wights and the encased Boss will leave the bubble. You have 2 options:

A. Knock out thrall boss to take as your own.

B. Kill boss

Finally, when all is over, where boss bubble was, claim your victory and prizes from open and glowing chest.

Rinse and repeat. To find this happening, open the map to find red icon on map.



Thank you for the event rules!

At the time of writing this topic, the event itself did not occur in the first place. (Even if you wait for a few hours or go to the site, the graves will not appear in the three places on the map)

Thanks to Mr.Ignasi and the staff, this bug has been fixed!

I enjoy the event the way I received it! thank you!


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