Encounters, super quick question

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Question. Are events/Encounters currently active or still disabled?? Last I heard they were disabled due to crashes.

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Tried checking event locations during normal gameplay?

I think they are disabled. Haven’t seen any, since last patch.

Is the migo event returning?

Yes but that is probably not a good indication. The problem for me is that Events were broken for almost the entire duration of their existence before. So what I see is probably not going to be what other members are seeing.

I got got enjoy a couple of them for about 2-3 days before Funcom shut them down because of the crashes in the Jungle.

And some of them such as Blowback have never worked for me. Period! Hence why I am asking others.

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@Tephra do you happen to know from the PC end of things if Encounters have been reactivated yet?

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Super quik answer, i have seen nothing so far either on line either single player on PlayStation 5

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They were accidentally reactivated with last week’s hotfix, then deactivated again because they are still causing crashes. They are hoping to have them fixed in the next hotfix which is supposed to go live Thursday.

If it functions correctly, then I expect consoles will get the same hotfix a couple weeks later.


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