Events/Encounters are back ===> crash

With today’s hotfix, events/encounters are back across platforms. After the encounter, the client crashes after a character enters the general area when an encounter happened. This has been a problem with encounters since early in the Age of Sorcery.

So several questions for Funcom staff:

  1. The last time events were turned on in the Public Beta, the encounters caused crashes. Was no more testing done or was some code changed that was not properly tested?

  2. Was the pledge not to make major changes right before a weekend ignored, or forgotten?

  3. This major change did not appear in the patch notes. Did someone forget to tell Ignasi or is he just bad at listing all the changes.

  4. Has a lesson been learned from this or will encounters return regularly to again cause these crashes?

I enjoyed these encounters back when they worked, but I’m afraid they are irrevocably broken. I’d like to be proven wrong, but for now I say this feature too many problems and bad will to ever see the light of day again.


Just experienced this walking into Sepermeru, game crashed and stated that some kind of “siptah storm” file couldn’t be found, every time I tried logging in after that it just kept crashing, luckily after a few login attempts it moved my character a little bit outside of Sepermeru so I could get myself and my loot back to base but yeah… might have to watch out for that when you’re out and about =/


Yup… happening on all platforms. I was stuck in sepermeru and had to leave the game for a couple hours before I could get back in and get out of there.

On PS5

I had a Blowback event happen in the Ruins of Xchotl yesterday evening. Worked perfectly fine. I was playing on one of Wak’s servers and not one of the official servers.

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