Grave Matter event doesn't spawn anymore on my solo map. [Dec 10-11]

Game mode: [ Select one: Single-player ]
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Server type: [ Select one: PvE ]
Region: [ Poland, Europe]
Hardware: [ PS4 original “Fat” ]

Bug Description:

*Grave Matter spawned on my solo map on Exiled Lands map on Dec 9 after my longer presence on my solo map. It appeard as red helmet in the pirate bay near ocean. I cleared it out [I didn’t kill shield protected thrall but I knocked him out and drag him to a wheel of pain at my near outpost]. After arround 15+ minutes event spawned back at the same spot in the pirate bay. I was, I think at my main base at the time, on an island between 2 giant spearmen statues in Noob River. I used Map Room to travel back to the jungle area. But on my way down I bounced off a cliff and I died due to fall damage. I didn’t let me respawn. I was stuck on respawn choose option and whenever I tried to pick Bed or Bedroll nothing was happening so eventually I had to press Option/Exit to main menu. I did a backup of the map on PS+ cloud [to save that rare Grave Matter thrall]. I got logged back into my solo map the recieve my inventory from my body and Grave Matter event was gone from map so I called it day. On Dec 10 I was playing on my solo map 2 times. 1st session was arround 2h and 2nd session was arround 4,5h.While logging off 2nd session game wnet into somekind of infinite logging off screen and I was forced to force close the app. After logging back in for brief I’ve noticed that I’ve lost decent ammount of progress arround 1h of gameplay . I uninstalled the game and downloaded it again. On Dec 11 I logged in once and did a 2h long session. Grave Matter event didn’t spawn a single time during those 3 sessions on Dec 10 and Dec 11. I’m also playing on official european PVE server 3033 and after I logged in the Grave Matter event was there.Also I was approched on YouTube on wak4863 channel by a PS4 player with the same issue on his solo map - Grave Matter event was spawning on the day update came out but not on the next day. I know that I’ve mentioned here 2 other bugs [Respawn location choose menu after dying and infinite logging off screen with game progress loss] but this topic is about Grave Matter event not spawning on solo map. Thank you, I hope I provided as much necessary info as needed.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log into your single player Exiled Lands map [Co-op turned off]
  2. Stay on it for period from 2h up to 4,5h.
    3.Open your Map in search of redish helmet [Grave Matter] like icon every 10-15 minutes
  3. (etc)

the same thing happened to me in my offline individual game, the event only appeared on the first day and I went to knock out the slave but back to my base I climbed by accident and let go of the rope, I looked for it in ghost mode and did not find it after That did not reappear the event again despite restarting the ps4 although I could give me the event items in admin mode.

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I’ve experienced this too however I didn’t take one as a thrall. I did two of them before logging off then coming back online. I didn’t have work the next day so I was going to play late that evening. After 2 hours I was sure I’d see the marker again but nope.

It could be the restart I’m going to test on siptah with a new game real quick. I’ll come back to see if its the same there. Like if logging back in is what’s doing it or not.

Siptah seems to be unaffected. I had one spawn almost immediately after restart.

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Now I’m only speculating here, but I’m not entirely sure everyone’s supposed to be lamping them over the head and carting them home, and I’m suspecting this may have something to do with it?

I noticed when I knocked out one of the summoners (to see if I could) the loot chest did not spawn. I assume that because he did not die it did not trigger the chest to appear. This might also delay or bork another event from triggering perhaps? As for Siptah well that’s a different map entirely so not connected,

Just a thought.

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Yeah taking them home could trigger something since chest definitely won’t spawn after that. It could screw with the game registering it but I had it happen without taking them to the wheel. That though seems fine on pc end they’re still spawning. It could just be PS4.

Now it seems to be working and I have no idea why. About 30 min give or take between spawns. I took a thrall as a test and another spawned it just took a bit more time.

Try waiting just outside of the spawn area. Like the bonfire space at the mounds of the dead. I got it working sitting around there a while.

Thank you very much for your responses and for your time researching this issue. I did what you suggested I’m after 2h session where I’m literally waiting next to bonfire close to Mound of the Dead and it’s a failure. Not a single Grave Matter spawned yet. I tried visitng event spawn areas in my Dec 10 and 11 sessions too. You know, just to make the game load those areas into memory.
I’ve asked PS4 player that approached me on wak4863 youtube channel in response to Grave Matter not spawning in single player and he did not knock out a thrall, he just was killing them.
Do you think my post, bug description and steps to take in order to recreate it are good enuff to Funcom to take this seriously? I did 4 Grave Matter events on my official european PVE server 3033 today and they’re spawning like crazy. Milking this event will take lots of time if I want to have couple full sets of armor, furniture and thralls so I hope Funcom will extend this event on PS4 for single player. I’ll focus on playing on server for now but I don’t want to be forced to use Admin Panel to spawn these items on my solo Exiles Lands map. If I get them in survival they will mean much more to me. One thing that I didn’t mentioned is that I have Purged tunred off on my solo map. I was waiting to pick up building pieces to come to Conan, it finally did but it was removed from SP when I was about to start finishing my main base. I had to turn off Purges because all my fridges, chests are outside the construction area of the base, and if Purge would come…

The same is happening to me in solo single player on Isle of Siptah. Managed to play the event 4 times. 2 i killed the boss and 2 i knocked out. The last time was knocking out the thrall and no event since. Been to where i was last time and no event. I have the 2 thralls that can be knocked out in a chest and all i can think is to break bond and see if the event respawns. If it doesn’t i have lost the 2 thralls but they are only taskmasters so…

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Ouch yeah I don’t know why it started to work again. I won’t pretend I know much of what to do that’s kind of the only suggestion I had after a period if waiting. Just kind of sat at the bonfire there while playing on my phone then after a bit of time opened the map to see it pop into existence. I was really hoping it was a work around sorry to disappoint.

Lets hope someone has a better idea sooner rather then later. Thanks for trying my suggestion anyhow.

Unfortunately for me Grave Matters just won’t start at all…period. I know this won’t help you guys, but just thought I would add my voice here and call it to our CMs attention.


Hrm… could try activating the purge see if that triggers anything, though only if you’re prepared for it! otherwise you’re probably going to have more problems, heh, but I doubt that’ll help much.

Perhaps it’s more like when the meteors fall from the sky (for star metal) I always found it took ages for them to appear when playing in single-player, but if you hung around the vicinity long enough then eventually they would trigger.

I just think the PS4 doesn’t even start processing it unless you are in the general area.

I can also echo this.
Whether in admin or not, whether on Siptah or not, in single player, I don’t get the Grave Matter event.

That said, it works just fine on the severs that I play on and I’m looking forward to seeing more development. With any luck this is just an ice berg tip and more refinement can come with later events.


After 45 minutes or so in offline game while reading this grave matter just appeared at mounds of the dead went to flotsam earlier nothing there. To those who are about to die! Here goes

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Went there destroyed all worked on emptying and refilling dishwasher grave matter back at the mounds will see where it shows next. And yes I am using low level character and admin. @Croms_Faithful and any one else interested. Playstation is hooked to the internet even though I am playing offline maybe it makes a difference. A good amount of lag when fighting what looks like 20 blue guys.


Is that your 1st time in your offline world after Grave Matters update? If yes, please check again next day too and post your observation here please.

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Hello all, I am sadly experiencing this same issue. Yesterday I logged into my PS4 Single Player CE game on the Exiled Lands and set off to do the Grave Matters event. I was able to find one instance of the red helmet icon appearing on the map when I was in close proximity, about a grid or so over on the map’s key. It was outside the Dafari Encampment and I completed it after farming some exp and skulls from the spawns for a while.

However, once I had completed the event with no issue, I then went to every other known area of the event spawn and finally back to the Dafari Encampment in search of another event to complete. I played for about 7 hours, periodically checking the map for any sign of a helmet, but to no avail.

I’ll be playing again in a few hours and will check once more, but I’m afraid the event just won’t spawn anymore for me.

If anyone finds a fix, please post here! I’ll keep testing and see if the event returns. If it does, I’ll make another post.

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Greetings Exiles,

We are aware of this issue and our development team is currently looking into it.
As soon as we know more we will update all threads regarding the Grave Matters event.

In the meantime we appreciate your patience and understanding while we investigate.


No thus far Sestus2009. I have had the internet both swiched on and also off for prolonged periods of time, and unfortunately neither of which did the trick. But I will give it another shot tomorrow night when the weekend kicks off.