Portal to Yuggoth

Does this Event still spawn in on the Exiled Lands? Or has it since been removed form game?

It is currently disabled.

If or when it will come back, we do not know.

It is a pretty useless encounter though, so if it does come back, hopefully it will be improved.

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The rewards for these encounters were pretty sucky, involving materials that don’t have a use in exiled lands. I doubt these events will return without significant changes to them.

I actually would like to see them come back. I still have 3 schematic fragments on me. Need two more to make magic happen!

They already removed Schematics Fragments from the encounter before disabling it. Biles too.

Unless they add something new to improve it, if the encounter comes back, it will only have Black Ice, Brimstone, Demon Blood, and Raw Ash.

Idk why they would remove biles tbh… they have no bearing on siptah vs EL stuff. They’re pretty helpful actually.

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