Events : new randomized locations?

i have seen blowback event in two different places in sepermeru. and also at the summoning place.

same with the event that used to spawn at the bridge of the betrayer , i have seen in in the northern part of buccaners bay.

the archer one in stargazer crest,

the darfari priest at the summoning place,

and the migo event in new asargath and scavenger berth.

@KiahonfireOfficial showed a video which is nothing more than the location of the old events, obviously she doesnt know events changed., and it looks more random,

any other locations you have found events? odds places? if you have please share!


No new places, but I have found greater variety in final bosses in these events. My friend says all Siptah (event?) bosses have appeared in exiled lands, with some siptah specific loot.

Like this massive mushroom-tree-thing with a giant laser in its chest (at summoning place, official pvp). I had never seen this before.

It’s a krylland. If you harvest it, you’ll get a branch that lasts like 15 minutes (maybe more? Can’t remember) in place of bark in the tannery.

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