Blowback events

I play on several different official servers on both maps and ever since the Hunt was started I haven’t seen the Blowback event. Now that the Hunt is turned off I have seen every other event on the Exiles map. Are the Stormsick warrior events over?

This is a good question. I haven’t seen a Blowback event in a long while, although events in general seem to be happening more often than usual.

@Aler and @wolffspider
It seems to be one of the more difficult Encounters to get to spawn, but do not lose hope, I have had it within the last few weeks. When it initiated for me I was in in the Sepermeru Southlake district at B6 on the map, a little further down from Razma of Shem’s house. I know from collecting flotsam supply crates, that entering the reexiting the Wine Cellar Dungeon seems to do a soft reshuffle of spawns (unless it is all in my mind), you could try thst if it is not there.

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