Boars spawning in Telith's Island build

I built on Telith’s Island for the first time in years, and twice now I’ve had a boar spawn inside my wall. It’s not very often, but I’m sure I have enough foundations to prevent the spawns (no rocks or trees are spawning).

Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be a mod or my settings somehow letting this happen?

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what type of server are you on? pvp / pve / solo-coop?
It is possible by adjusting the server’s land claim zone parameters to make the NPCs and elements of the decor appear very close to the buildings, including inside the enclosures.
Could you give us more details on your game mode … type of server and mods present in case.

Boars don’t spawn ON Telith’s Island iirc. It’s only bears. I assume you’re partially on the main land as well? If you’re only on the island, there’s definitely something weird going on.

Regardless, if it’s a known spawn and there is in fact a boar there normally, I’ve seen this occur on my own base on rare cases. I’m on PlayStation, so no mods. I built in the cove near Pitfall Pass and there’s komodos there. I killed all the immediate spawns around the cove with my base, but every so often, a Komodo spawns underneath my base. It’s built using fence foundations and ceiling tiles, but should still kill the spawn. I think it’s a delay in the loading of the base that may cause this to prioritize the beast over the base. Just my assumption though.

Bears and boars both spawn there. Used to be just bears I believe years ago, but it’s had boars for a long time.


Eh, I haven’t built there since 2018– and there’s always someone building on it on official. Probably why didn’t notice. Regardless, as I mentioned, it’s likely a loading order issue.

I play on Single-player. Land claim is .75 and here are my mods:


I confirm, I have also built on this island and there are indeed two boars, a bear and cubs.

I change the server settings for more immersion by setting the land claim rate to 0.25 and from time to time boars appear in my base (rarely). my entire base is paved with foundations

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Yeah, it’s very likely a loading order issue. If it takes too long to spawn in the base, you run the risk of the beast spawning first. Also, I’ve had it to where a beast will run through walls and attack my thralls and pets, despite spawning outside them. This happens more often than the despawned Komodo spawning in. I lost a cat in my backyard to a shoebill because it “ran through” my wall. :expressionless:


Without being an expert, I also think like @jmk1999 .
moreover the change in land claim rate can contribute to the aggravation of the problem (it’s just a guess)


Yeah, I can’t confirm this, but it’s just an educated guess. It would make sense if the game doesn’t realize something is there until it’s too late. Seems weird, but that’s more or less how it works… I think? You can literally build just about anywhere and the terrain and wildlife will spawn if something isn’t there. By all intents and purposes, nothing is there until the game recognizes it and renders it in. If it takes too long to register, you get weird anomalies, stability issues, or even crashes as the game gets confused and overloaded.


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