Robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that since the update for camps in the new area, the number of NPC’s and critters has diminished in Exiled Lands. I went boar hunting where there used to be 10 to 12 boars roaming around and nada, not one. Many of the camps I have visited that used to have 5 or 6 NPC’s now have one or two. Are they robbing Exiled Lands for the new Isle, or is it some kind of malfunction in my game? I have 2600 hours in Exiled and planned to visit the new Isle soon, but now, not so sure. And ideas what’s going on?

Well there’s no borrowing of npcs going on, but are you sure nothing has landclaim in the affected areas?

Not sure how limiting or lessening the amount of NPC at camps in exiled lands makes Siptah better?

They may have limited the camps for stability reasons possibly. :man_shrugging:

I am playing on a Single player server, and the NPC’s are quite diminished as well as wild life. No landclaims problem. I’m not looking to be negative, I love the game! But this is quite obvious so I was wondering if I had missed something somewhere, lol.

Well you might need to file a bug report then because this shouldnt be the case. They may want more system information and it entirely could be a problem only with SP.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. :slight_smile:

I play SP, testlive Exiled lands with no mods and have noticed over the last few years that in certain areas the NPC’s or wildlife will either be slow to spawn in or not spawn in at all. In my case I believe it has to do with my system resources.

Before the Wine Cellar dungeon was added to the game I could enter Sepermeru from my base on Iron Breaker Ridge and all the NPC’s would spawn. After the addition of the Wine Cellar if I entered the city from the West from the same base 1/3 of the NPC’s (Temple Quarter area) in the city would not spawn until I left the area and returned.

Currently whenever I enter the area by the Den the Dogs of the Desert NPC’s there will spawn in very slowly.

Also, lots of wildlife will fail to spawn in if I enter their area from the East going West. Although the Boar that spawn in the North by the Ward towers will often not spawn in no matter what direction I come from. And the Boar to the NE of the Den are slow to spawn in.

I could be wrong about the system resources though and your issue could entirely be something else. These are my observations though.

Do you have any mods installed? The spawning issue may be caused by a mod that hasn’t been updated.

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