Exiles Camp with Animals killing the NPCs

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Can something be done about animals spawning inside the exile camp south of Fleshtearer Falls?
I’ve been farming Exiles NPCs for a week trying to find a Grrr Legbiter, and when I finally find him, he is at that camp south of Fleshtearer Falls and all the spiders and crocs (one being corrupted) killed him before I could do anything.

There is another camp with spiders going in to the camp killing every thrall near death whisper ruins

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.be unlucky enough to have a desired npc spawn there

There are quite a number of such camps, for example two of them on the Noob River. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Hello @Sheet-Man, we’ll be sure to register your concern in this regards, however, as Ko6ka correctly pointed out this is expected behavior.


You may grind for this specific NPC in other areas or alternatively keep the spider population in check.

The decision behind this is likely to make the world feel more alive and dynamic through having NPCs fighting each other, which has its pros and cons, just like any other mechanic.


“grind this thrall” in other locations?

When I’ve been running up and down the beach to like 18 camps for a week and he only spawns once and gets killed by a corrupted crocodile with 2 other crocs, and 5 spiders.

Thanks for that mass if sarcasm. :+1:

Theres other spots to get most of these NPC’s.

Your kinda just picking one of the attack camps… and being mad, =(

legbiter has several spawns across many exile camps.

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And that sucks its only place they spawned for you… but that camp, much like few of others get attacked… its how its suppose to be.

Again… there are other camps(wiki mentions 6 or 7 of them)…as you seem to know. Keep trying.
I’ve watched plenty of t4 get murder that I wanted, its part of the game. Its not meant to be easy.

Here is where I farm him… At least 6 hours a day sometimes 10 hours for 7 days straight.
See all those crossed swords? I’ve farmed all of them for days.

Btw I understand not being easy… But it’s not supposed to be near impossible.

I remember when they updated spawns, and I saw random t4 on noob river, only to have him lose battle to the croc…lol.

few in purges I’m still trying to nab… I missed out on some easy Volcano ones when it was passive. =(

@Sheet-Man you should add sinners refuge to your farm locations that’s where I found him last.

There are many rare items ingame that are hard to get. Should I be mad of not getting some one specific legendary or scroll from the Archives? There are various T4 Armorers, various scrolls and various legendaries. I can get some of them for sure, but it’s hard to collect all of them, so I have to go along with it.

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As wak said, I also found him in Sinners refuge.

Welcome to Hyboria, exile.

Actually I do go to sinners refuge… But a clan built above the cave over the bridge in the cave and it deleted all 4 spawns at the bridge so there are only 3 possible spawns to kill in there, instead of 5… then move to other camps

I have all the Esoteric Artifacts, they aren’t hard to get… What I’m saying is it shouldn’t be this hard to find one guy at so many possible spawns… Yet he only wants to spawn at a camp where he dies immediatly upon my arrival. And the animals all spawn directly on top of the thralls so I can’t even try to delete the animals by building. I’m supposed to “control the population” but that’s impossible.

Grrr is a hard one to get. If you’ve spent three weeks trying, sorry, can’t feel bad for you. I have been in the server for over a year, and we’ve seen two of him. The armorer in the volcano, Siesse, took one of our partners 3-4 months to find.

Some thralls are harder to find than others. Your complaint about the spiders makes no difference. I have killed those very spiders/crocs to save a thrall for the wheel.

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I don’t really care about your lucky experiences at that camp… Not that it matters, since I found him last night on the cliffs southwest of drifters rest. Luckily my follower didnt kill him as he had a blade of the adventurer and he wasn’t in his normal spot and attacked me in the back as I was walking up the mountain. And if it takes months to find a thrall it’s “TOO HARD” to find or you’re not trying hard enough.

Another point is that certain thralls don’t spawn regularly enough. As I found 8 senk and 5 bowden dancers and 5 mel smelters before I finally got grrr to spawn a 2nd time.
Now I’m gonna get the volcano armorer just cause you said it was hard.

You say it’s Too hard.

Immediately chooses to take up the challenge.

Thrall hunting is fun especially when it is hard, That’s the whole point of the different spawns and the low rate of spawn. If it wasn’t challenging no one would do it. It would be like going back to the river to kill IMP’s, why? For fun.

Believe me once you get to the point that there are no new names to collect unless they come in the purge, You’ll stop hunting to because it loses its excitement to put another Grr Legbitter or Seisse Blacktongue on the wheel.

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