Crocodile Spawns at Exile Camp

I’m playing Conan Exiles in single player, on PC, and I’m having a problem…

At the Exile camp at F4 (where the river branches north, close to the ruined bridge), I’m seeing LOTS of crocodiles spawning (about 3 or 4 at a time).

The crocodiles always kill the exiles at the camp, before I can even see if any are worth knocking out and dragging back to my base.

Is there any way to fix this? (Either Server Settings or perhaps even a mod?)


There is sometimes one thrall worth to capture. The thrall is not directly at the camp, he is above.
If you come from the north you can shoot an arrow at him and get his attraction. He will then come to you without “starting” the croc to attack the thralls at the camp.
When you coming from the north, wait until he starts to kneel (the thralls allways stands there and starts kneeling when you come in the “activation range”.
If got there some of the random named thralls.

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To add to what @mikelei said, you can also stand at the very edge of the activation range (up to the other shore of the river to the south) and fire arrows to the crocs and you can kill them before they attack the Exiles, and then move closer to inspect the camp :slight_smile:

I sometimes clear the crocs for them when I pass around the area, even if I have no interest in capturing any thralls atm, because I feel bad for them (bad Funcom, bad lol :smile: )

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These crocs have been there since Early Access and doing this the whole time. The only way to fix this is to Stand on the other side of the river or down river outside of the AI activation range and kill the crocs. They seems to have adjusted the AI since release to actually activate once you attack so the crocs should come at you with luck they will and the Thralls won’t. I haven’t tried this since the change to AI on attack so I can’t confirm this.

Alternately kill the crocs quickly. Also, running up to the crafter and punchim him er works too. Just don’t wait for the UI to tell you who/what the thrall is, assume it’s worth while and find out later.

Another trick is to let the crocs kill everybody… then have the crocs chase you into deeper water and get stuck there, so the next time you return the crocs are still in the water and wont eat Conall of the Hammer or Melicoma the Watcher or Grrr Legbiter.


Great idea! But they will fix it soon… there is one more camp with croc on one island (and with named cook sometimes). I have to give it another try.

Personally, I always regarded that scene as visual story-telling showing how brutal even the idyllic river area can be…

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