No creatures on Siptah 6157 , seeing them fine on exiled lands official

I’m seeing creatures when I log into an exiled lands official , but no creatures logging into official IoS 6157.

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Are they missing or invisible? On PS, there was a bit of history that some animals were invisible but you could interact with them.

I can confirm this, I’m on the same server and the map is barren, no npc is spawning!
no animals, no bosses, no thralls on camps, zero

Exile landas server 1823 is empty as well…

Greetings exiles!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

Regarding the situation at hand, does it still persist after relogging or after a while?

I would also suggest verifying the game files via the platform you’re playing on.

yes it still persist after relogging, and I’m playing on a fresh install, I downlaoded it again last night into my SSD, then it apllied the AoW update
oh I just checked my other server, exile lands PVE 1733 and it has mobs, so it seems ints only afecting some servers, maybe a quick restart might help?

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