3.0 Tornadoes on Exiled Lands


I wonder if I am the only one that experiment this.

I’m owning a server and I installed it on Test Live on july and august.
On September, I’ve installed the release.

On Test Live, I had some tornadoes on Exiled Lands that spawned some ‘npcs from the storm’.
There was one that usualy spawned in Sepermeru for example.
That was great, something new and cool.

But since I’m on the release. I don’t have any more those storms.
No more maelstorm and no more mobs from the storm.

I checked my parameters, but all about storms is enable.
I don’t really understand why with the same parameters on both versions, I do not have anymore the storms…

Did I missed something ?

Thanks for replies (and please do not pay attention to my bad english, I’m just a stupid frenchy)

There are events throughout both exiles land and siptah as of update but the are random and don’t show on map like grave matters event I have only had one but there are more just don’t have exact details on the information on each one

Thanks for reply :wink:

Since September 1st Nobody on the server has seen one…
And we’re at least 15-20 players connected all the time.

So I don’t think the event happens on the server and I’m searching for information on it.
But nothing… Nothing on wikia, nothing on reddit, nothing on the forum, no info from the devs…

There’s one here - almost always… So far, 7 times in 8 visits.

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This one, yes, I’ve got it.
But the one that spawned in Sepermeru or the event that happened in the border of the savannah (and that is in the video in the launcher) are not there anymore

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I think maybe different ones have different spawn rates. There’s a few in Siptah for instance where one is there about 60% of the time and the other only twice in about 15 visits. Plus I dunno how a nearby player structure may affect the spawns…

No spawn since the 1st … almost 20 days
About the nearby structures, on test live server there’s was player buidlings near the Sepermeru’s one, and this time, no structure next to the place.

I hope that developpers could see this post and tell us the rules about thoses storms :slight_smile:

You are likely referring to the event named “Blowback”. I have been searching for this particular event on Exiles Official since it was made known that a human named thrall, comparable to Dalinsia, could be gotten from it.

Unfortunately, the Testlive YouTube video showed that particular event spawning at the Summoning Place, however only the Grave Matter event appears to trigger there now.

I suspect, the Blowback event was at that location, or even other, ie. by SM, then an issue with it kept it from being released. I can not find it anywhere in Exiles.

With that said, the event entirely at SM appears to be absent, vs. what was tested in TestLive. Same with an event tested in the UC. So, by my count, there were two events “held back”.

Hope my observations help, however without official word, my conclusions are mere speculation.

There was feedback during testlive regarding these events at the summoning place and sepermeru basically saying it was rather annoying to have them right on top of T4 spawn locations and, in the case of the summoning place, having two events back to back.

The devs may have taken that and disabled them or possibly just overcompensated with a too low spawn chance.

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