Maelstrom in Exiled Lands? 3.0

Hi, please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

With the new update I got a Maelstrom storm that spawned in the Exiled Lands. Is this something that will happen now with 3.0? Also I currently have Maelstrom and Purges turned off on my server because I was just testing some of the new things, so should it have happened anyway?

Thanks for anyone that can help.

I finally found another post regarding this so I seem to have the answer. Yay!

I noticed this as well.

I have a few theories as to what that is happening.

First off yes it’s part of the 3.0 release.

First Theory. The concept of the storm itself showing up in the exiled lands as you seen it. Was introduced das a spoiler event on Siptah, when there would be minor tornadoe storms spawned in by Yogoloth demon (IF is spelt that right) that is in the maelstorm. When you look up into the tornado storms you can see the images of the exiled lands so that in itself can be considered a spoiler for a future event involving the exiled lands. where Those in the exiled lands are pulled into Siptah it also in theory would make it possible for the elderthings like that cross over from the maelstorm event into the exiled lands as well.

Again that’s just a theory but to me it a visual sensible picture of a possibility.

I don’t really think these storms seen have any direct link to the new sorcory content.

Second Theory is this is part of the event system that was simply introduced recently like it would be for a purge.

I could be wrong in all of this.

It would not suprise me at some point, that you might be able to cross from exiled lands to siptah through some act of sorcery in the future with that transpatory stone. Very similar in concept as it would be for the Ammunet’s transfer mod. Possibly also making it possible to cross over to other official servers if that’s a thing they are going with or…I dunno. seems complex.

I can’t think of any other reason why the maelstrom would appear in the exiled lands as we did. I think that is also just one instance. In the video of the release of the content it showed other instances different from that one with the Yogoloth portal at taht black hand camp. I Imagine over time some of these old exiled lands camps will be redone into something more 'elder thing residencies and making the exiled lands a bit more harder to survive in. Just a guess.

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Would you mind linking the other post?

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I will see if I can find it again :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

It was apparently a reddit post lol but here is a link:

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Thank you so much!

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