Body falling through ground, PC

While climbing a cliff face between Penitent’s crossing and Decent of Dagon, fell and died. The body fell through the ground and under the map, thus making it irretrievable. This has also happened in other places after one climbs and then falls to their death.

Game mode: Dedicated Server with Pippi Mod
Problem: Bug

Heya! Would you possibly be able to throw me the coordinates of this place? You can get it by using CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+L then copy it and paste it back over here. Thank you so much!

TeleportPlayer 233170.328125 120416.132813 -15718.152344

TeleportPlayer 237512.140625 113785.210938 -14397.773438

These are the two cords where players on our server have lost their bodies through the ground after death by falling.