Bola as a skill shot

Hello Everyone,

Barbarians had many great bloody inventions and even they had to sometimes trap living thing while they are still alive and conscious. One of the earlier solutions to this was to tie together tree small rocks with twine creating a bola for disabling pray. This simple disabling weapon did however require great aim and balance to use.


I would like to suggest adding a bola item to root players and creatures. This should be a skill shot that requires good aim and whindduptime to use.

If the creature is large or a boss it should be able to break free rather fast or not be effected at all by the bola.

The main reason for this item is to prevent people form running or dodging away form you. If you play with fire, then sometimes you should get burned.

What do you guys think about this idea? or do you have a better idea for a fair disabling item?


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