Bolas - Escaping and means to chase and kill (PVP)



Hi, as it is right now it is very, very easy to disengage in a fight.

Escaping or running from a fight shouldn’t be an easy way out once infight, the decision to run from a battle should be made before the fight starts.

So I suggest to add Throwing-Bolas or a Throwing-Net to slow down and knockdown someone that is running mid-fight.
How it works:
A craftable throwing weapon made of iron/steel and twine, much like a javeline or throwing axes. It can be thrown to knockdown and apply a cripple debuff. Have a less crippling effect when hit while not sprinting. Can be thrown while jogging/sprinting yourself.

It only knocksdown the player when you hit the bola/net during a sprint, other than that it can be avoided by not sprinting and dodge-rolling.

This way you cannot simply turn your back and sprint out of a fight that easily. The chaser is already at a large stamina-disadvantage with the need to attack. And if you want to run, decide if you want to fight or flee beforehand, not when the battle is going the wrong direction for you.
I might add that a combat-speed debuff once a PvP action has performed would be the wrong approach, as it will turn the PvP further into a numbers-game.

Edit: a brief video explaining what I had in mind.


this is a great idea…one of many that can help combat feel more alive than it is right now.


and it will be exploited to gank and grieve.

equip primary weapon, heals and remaining spaces bolo.

use bolo at start of combat from range to prevent running from unwanted fight.

come in close fire second switch to weapon and get a free heavy swing will knocked down. Cripple give extra advantage to attacker.

Instead of wanting a flesh pinata accept that them running means you won as PvPers seem based on the number of threads like this, to be fairly cowardly.