Bombing things...question about damage

For efficiency sake when we are raiding, we stack 4 or 5 bombs in a spot and let her rip. We noticed that we aren’t getting the full damage in this method. We were hitting a vault up and we placed bombs around the entire thing on foundations and lit it. 5000 damage x 20 bombs… the damage on the vault was only 25,000 not 100,000. We found that anything more than 2 bombs on a vault would sometimes bug out and not give real damage amounts. Any help on this would be appreciated.

Um… Are bombs damaging themselves and killing each other off?

I play another game and any more than 7 bombs can’t be used as the bombs blow each other up. Have you tried using one or two bombs at a time and seeing if the result is the same?

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Sounds like same damage as underwater. My guess is that 1/2 the damage is burning after the explosion. Underwater there is no burning, and maybe they changed it so there is only 1 stack of burning no matter how many jars? Just a guess.

Edit, misread the numbers, Never mind

The colliders from the other jars are blocking damage as Critter said.

I don’t want to be controversial here, as many of my friends have posted to the contrary – but it still takes 105 jars to kill a vault – and can be done densely. I did 16 per side for the first run, then 16 per side until expended. Two explosions to pop it. Got a Wightblade and some other neat stuffs.

Placement is key, if you put jars not right next to it results vary.

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