Bombs are bugged - randomly don't do damage

Official Server, PvP

Our clan has done 2 raids now where bombs are not doing damage. We have been unable yet to reproduce exactly what is causing the problem. I’ll lay out 2 specific examples.

1 - Vault: we were attempting to destroy a vault. The first instance we placed ten bombs along one side of the vault. After the explosion, the vault only took roughly 10k damage. This has to be a bug - bombs by themselves on a vault will do almost 8k damage: 6k from the explosion, about 2k from the afterburn.

After the ten bombs, we tried three, and had no damage occur. The three bombs were placed right next to each other at the corner of the vault on top of foundations. We then tried placing on bomb at a time in the burn to have them auto-ignite. They continued to do no damage. We then let the burn go out, and tried them one at a time. We went through about four bombs one at a time, in different locations around the vault, before one finally did any damage. From that one spot we then proceeded one bomb at a time and were able to find a sweet spot. We let the burn go for about five seconds, getting to about 7k damage, and placed another one for auto-ignition, doing another 6k explosion, then 1k burn, and rinse/repeat until the vault was destroyed.

2 - Chests/building pieces: In another case we were trying to blow up some chests and/or ceiling tiles they were sitting on. We essentially had the same scenario happen as with the vault. Placing bombs around the chests on different spots, we were randomly not getting damage, at all, or sometimes getting 100 or 200 points of splash and that’s it. We finally were able to get one of the chests to take full damage by putting the bomb on top of the chest. Another chest we got the ceiling tile to blow up before the chest (which at T3 building, makes 0 sense, chest should blow first). And still another chest we got to blow up just by placing the bomb one at a time about half a tile away from the chest.

So I know this is a tad incomplete, but the middle of a raid is not the best time to be doing ‘testing’. If I get more details from our next raid I’ll share, but hopefully this is enough to maybe have some internal testing done. This is NOT good.

Have experienced same today. Tried to blow up a door, took only 1k dmg. (10 bombs) The ceiling in front of the door where i placed the bombs on broke tho.
As well torches directly next to jars survived the 10 bombs.

And then again. Placed 5 bombs on a ceiling directly at maproom. The ceiling down to 27k~ HP and maproom had only lost around 5k….

Poison cloud does not explode as well.

Additional these new burning particle effect is not ram friendly at all, if theres more than 1 bomb. Before i could set off 100 of jars without any issues… now 5 is enough to nearly break my pc.

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