Bonebreaker Mace

I researched my first weapon today and it was the bone breaker mace. The recipe that came out of it and the weapon I made was just the same mace in name. I would still accept that the weapon may have been modernized and its appearance changed. But handling the piston is no longer possible! The weapon is slower, the punch combo is completely different and cannot be combined with the shield. The whole sequence of movements is much too sluggish and therefore the weapon can no longer be used at all! :frowning_face:

I would like the weapon to behave exactly like the original that you researched to get the recipe when you fight. I have to say I was very, very disappointed with the result. Please change that!

Addendum: I just saw that this is a completely different recipe that came out. The original is now called ‘The Incomprehensible’ Has that changed yesterday with the little patch? I’m totally confused right now :scream:

There are a bunch of delvable weapons that swap the combo sequence for another weapon type. the one you’re talking about looks like a mace, has the stats of a mace, but uses the short sword combo

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