Boss Boxes with Bugs



I think the boss’s boxes have bug!

I’m at level 56, but after conquering any bosse, every time we try to open the chest, the message is: “you do not have enough level” !!!
Any suggestions, what level do I need?


Level 60


not a bug


Remember where the chests are. Once you have a key, you do not need to fight a boss again to use it. Wait until you reach level 60, then go back to gain your prize.

Seems silly that a character can be old enough to fight and defeat the boss but not old enough to open the chest and gain the reward. Anyone who defeats the boss to gain a key should be able to open those chests in my opinion.


And if you are in a clan with at least one Level 60 player, you can give them the key to open the chest for you.


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