Boss Creatures disappear inside Aquilonian Foundations

Game mode: [Online] - Gportal Private Server
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA] - In Game by Sentinels possibly everywhere

Both the Giant Crocodile and the Giant Scorpion disappeared inside Aquilonian Foundations blocks when attacking our base near the sentinels.

Backstory: Our clan lured the Giant Crocodile (near the pond by the Sentinels and the Giant Scorpion (not far from the Summoning Place) down the our base near the Sentinels. The plan was once lured to the base, we would lets the Bosses battle it out and the clan and archer thralls would attack them both with bows.

All went well until both of the Boss Creatures disappeared inside the Aquilonian Foundation Blocks. We could hear them and only see parts of them occasionally. We had to resort to dismantling some of the foundation blocks so we could kill them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build an Aquilonian foundation base
  2. Lure Boss Creatures to your base
  3. Attack and watch the Boss Creatures disappear inside the blocks
  4. Scramble to figure how to get rid of the infestation inside your foundation. (Unfortunately our Level 3 Alchemist did not the recipe for RAID bug spray!!! LOL)

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