Boss in Executioners Entrance not Spawning

Game mode:[Online Private]
Problem: [Boss][Bug]
Region: Europe

I have tried to find the serpent man boss in Executioners Entrance on the map, you need to kill him to obtain executioners weapons which I really want they seem really cool, he wasn’t there the first time I had entered and I thought someone else may have killed him (my server is not very populated) I then proceeded to wait some time and while me and my clan and some new players were in this server I returned to the location of the boss I entered the area where he is found and yet again he was not there I do not know if this boss in on PS4 yet if it isn’t could someone let me know, and if it is can someone help me fix it.

He is on PS4 killed him twice recently. He is surrounded by skeletons. Are you sure you are in the right place in the cave?

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There are two entrances to this cave. If you go into the Executioner’s entrance, on the left side of the back of the cave where the ruins are, there is a small opening into the other side of the cave. The Serpent Man is in there.

That side of the cave has an opening between the front steps of Deathwhisper Ruins and Watcher’s Waystation.

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