Executioner cave boss not spawning 2508 pve-c

Game mode: [Online | 2508 pve-c
Problem: [executioner cave boss not spawning]
Region: [Here]

***boss hasn’t spawned in the cave for weeks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.walk in
2.fight spiders
3.mine a lil brimstone
4.fight skellies

It’s possible that there is construction immediately on top of where it is supposed to spawn.

To verify, place a map marker at its spawn point while in the dungeon, then go top-side and see if you can spot any buildings. If not, try equipping a foundation to check for if there is landclaim by another clan (could be that it’s hidden, undermeshed, non-obviously).

If you do find another clan there, you can try to explain the issue to them and hopefully resolve it. Otherwise, it might require Funcom having an admin come on to examine what the issue is.

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We regularly running that cave for brimstone and ichor, I did it yesterday and there was no problem with the boss, he was there.
Platform: Xbox
Server: Official PVP

If you didn’t have problem with it before and now you do, it might be what @Larathiel said.


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