Boss WereHyeena Drops

I know the werehyeena boss drops are rare however I have killed 37 of them in the last two days and gotten nothing. A month ago I killed 5 and got an item every time. Has my luck run out or have other people noticed an issue?

Are you on pc with or without mods? I’ve farmed them for the drops since the latest patch and I managed to get them all. Doom took me a long time to get. Sounds like bad rng

On ps4, Its isnt always there in middle, I’d say 1 outta 3 to 1 outta 4 drops something. Thou its almost always 2handed maul.

Were not on latest patch… he’s got smedge more health then base ones. Pretty easy to farm.

I havnt farmed him out right… mostly just looking for thralls and take him out if i see it. XD

I haven’t personally farmed him in a while, but a clan mate has been and he’s had the same problem, getting an occasional Maw but otherwise nothing.

I have now been trying to land myself a set of Bestial Claws since early december. I have had zero drops thus far. I would love to know what the drop rates are, but if any users have access to the tables I would be curious to know.

Before the last update something dropped almost every time. Now It seems to be none. I saw a bug post back in September saying it’s something like 10-5% depending on the item but we have had multiple updates since then so idk how accurate it is.

For a weapon which has already been been nerfed, and which has countermeasures in place to defeat it, the drop rates should not be this low to boot. Dont worry Anglinex youre definately not the only one who noticed this.

In all fairness I’m actually after the cleaver but the fact that It doesn’t seem to be dropping anything is a tad disturbing.

weapon still good to escape and pursue runners, still very worth. just gotta know how to use It.


I have heard that it works well to that end in PvP Espanholol. That and throwing axes. I am a purely Offline Singleplayer myself. My desire to obtain a pair is so that I can use Claws without them being on a countdown timer, and having to spend a whopping 50 Manifestation of Zeal to replace them. A ‘renewable’ set of claws if you will. Unfortunately, still no drops yet.

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Yeah, the drop was dropped to near non existent, and the spawn rng of the boss alone multiplies that to less. But they do drop, just have to farm and hope for luck.

I don’t even want the claws. I want the dang meat cleaver.

Yeah, its my fav. put the oil on it, and your fridges are full in minutes :slight_smile:

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The one from the butcher from the pirates is not the same?

Honestly we have many copies of both the Maw and the Chef’s cleaver, but it seems to me the starmetal works just as well. Haven’t done a ton of testing with it since meat is so easy to get.

Chef’s Trusted Cleaver has a harvest power of 5
Star Metal Cleaver has a harvest power of 7
Maw of the Hyena has a harvest power of 8

Star metal is close but I want it because it looks like stone. People will see me with a stone tool and think I’m broke.


It certainly is reflected too. Another weekend of trying and still no Bestial Claws for me. :confused: The Claws were also nerfed at a couple of points too werent they? I think so but cannot recall.

Personally I really want a Black Blood Cleaver too. I already have a Chefs Trusted, Maw of the Hyena and Star Metal cleavers. So why would I want a Black Blood cleaver you ask…? Blasted OCD is the reason why; I really want a matching set of Legendary Tools. I know its silly reasoning, but I just cant help it.

Yes, they changed the damage, and i believe removed the bleed, or nerfed the stacking of bleed, as well as tuned up the stam usage on light attack.

That is an extremely comprehensive nerf. One which for the record I did not oppose at the time. However, I feel that there is no need to have the drop rate so low in addition to this. I really hope that they will consider readjusting it back upwards.