Bosses Head Trophy, and Jaguar/Tiger heads

So, I got the king kappa head, but can’t find in trophies recipe the option to craft it into a wall trophy. Also, I tried to collect Jaguar and Tiger heads, both seems to not drop it, killed a bunch of them, I used the iron butcher, not sure if need higher tier tool to get the heads or if its bugged.


Use cleaver for heads, kappa king is high in list of taxidermy

i did, the iron one, but still no heads. Weird, i just can’t fine the Kappa King on taxidermy.

I used the Iron Hatchet and I was able to get the Tiger Head, Gray Ape, Salamander, Crocodile, Hyena, Rocknose, Elk King, Shaleback Adult, Panther without any problems.

I have not killed any Jaguar yet. I did kill the Kappa King but I skinned it with a skinning knife.

I found the recipe in Exotic Taxidermy, its still unlocked, everyone i’m talking about haven’t got jaguar heads, all the other animals like Valkyrja pointed gives the loot, but not jaguar.

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