Bountiful chests not activating treasure coffer

So far I waddled back to my treasure coffer & accountant with 2 of the bountiful treasure chests BUT I cannot seem to find any way to get them to add to my coffer tally. Results so far include:

  1. the gold “aura” indicating the tally zone around the coffer does not highlight when I enter the proximity of the treasure coffer when I am carrying or lay down the bountiful chest. So far on Siptah, ALL other treasure items I’ve found (harps, urns, horns, etc.) all show the gold glow & are registered.
  2. From a (PC?) suggestion, while carrying the bountiful chest, I’ve both square clicked on the treasure NPC & the coffer many times, but still no change in registering the chest.


  1. has anyone else had the same issue on a Siptah server?
  2. are there any practical fixes for this obvious bug (according to all the YouTube experts, a bountiful chest should activate the tally zone around one’s coffer just like the other treasures) or are we stuck waiting for it to be patched eventually?
    … like we’re still waiting for English language servers to actually show dead NPC’s names in English, not German. I mean, that’s only been going on for the last year & several patches :roll_eyes:

Official PvE #8080 Isle of Siptah

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While carrying the chest, click the attack button to place it down as claimed treasure.

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I’ve clicked every button on my PS5 controller to no effect. The chest had evaporated the next day so I cannot recheck that action but I believe clicking either R1 or R2 “attack” buttons simply dropped the chest. I still think not showing the treasure zone aura is the crux of the problem.

The aura effect will show up when you press the attack button while carrying the chest/treasure, as long as you’re near your coffer, allowing you to place it down and claim it. Simply dropping it will leave it unclaimed, and it will eventually despawn.

I don’t use a controller, so I don’t know the default buttons, but a previous PS5 user that was having the same issue did say that using the “attack” button worked for them.

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