Two placed bountiful treasure chests have vanished from our coffer room, yet still show on the coffer tally list

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: Fashionist, Hosav’s UI

Bug Description:

Two placed bountiful treasure chests have vanished from our coffer room, yet they still show up, and count, on the coffer list.

Bug Reproduction:

Nothing to reproduce, the chests simply are no longer where we put them, yet the coffer tally still shows them counted.

Well, I just found them using Ghost mode - they fell/clipped through a floor tile, a pillar and a foundation block and are now resting on the ground, inside the bottommost foundation tile of the structure. Likely they will remain there as trying to recover them will require too much destruction of the building to get to them =\

Greetings Exile!

Thank you for the time you took to report this to us.

Regarding the situation at hand, does this still happen if there are no mods enabled?

please check in the foundations under where you put them as these items seem to be fulling through floors and ceilings, could you please report back if this was the case for you i have tried multiple times and it seems to re ocur every time

Unfortunately I cannot test that quickly as our server requires the mods. Ill see if I can find the time to test in single player.

For now I can say - after spending some time recovering them and replacing them - they did not fall down again in the two to three hours I played after the incident - and this morning they are still where they should be.

Almost seems like it might be related to some load-in sequence glitch, perhaps the chests loaded in faster than the building did so they just ended up inside the building, on the ground, but I can only guess.

This happens on Xbox as well, on servers without mods. After a reset or logging out and then back in, if your treasury isn’t on the base level (and even then can fall through foundations) the treasures drop to ground level as best it can. Like, literal map ground level of map, constructions be darned.

Placing them on objects (like rugs, tables, etc) doesn’t mitigate this, the treasure always moves to the map level.

Yes, it happens with mods and without mobs installed.

Same bug on PS5

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