BR-SP Duartina PVE-C WIPE 14/05/18



First of all, this is not my server, I’m just a simple player.
If the Brazilian players are looking for a PvE-C server, I do recommend this one.

  • Wiped in 14/05 to fix the death without resp and the infinite load screen bugs;
  • Every couple of hours the server closes the connection to kill the AFK players (the server doesn’t restart, it kills the connection with the player, could be some issue with my internet conection :sweat_smile:);
  • Can’t build blocking biomes passages (it’s not blocked, but the admins will remove it);
  • It’s not always full;
  • Has BattleEye;
  • You can contact the admins through e-mail.


Sim concordo com vc, tb jogo nele e gostei de como está configurado. Recomendo!!