Braziers and Lag

I have read a number of times that excessive braziers contribute to lag. Does anybody know if this is true for all light sources or only those with a flame animation?

For example; could I improve my base loading time if I replaced all braziers with Khitan lamps?

Thanks in advance

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Hey @Phloid

Dynamic light sources can be taxing for the hardware when being rendered. If many are placed in close proximity, it can cause some FPS drops. We recommend building responsibly.

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@Ignasi what is the least taxing light source for the server. Thanks appreciate the help. :grinning:

The bigger the light projected, the more taxing it is. Still we would recommend having up to 5 light sources at the same time in the near proximity to maintain a stable framerate. Of course you can go above that, but be aware of it being more intensive for the hardware the harder you push it.


@Ignasi thank you very much have a great weekend.


Thanks @Ignasi!

I can confirm that Kithan lamps are really bad for lag. (but I had 10 like in one place so…XD)
If your light sources “bleed” through walls and mixes with light sources on the other side it doesn’t help either. I can say that anything from braziers to torches starts lagging/powering ps4 fan too much if you have too many.

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