"Break Bond" does not always target who you think it'll hit!

As topic title, really. I’ve been spawning tons of thralls, playing with the Leveling up system (good job by the way, it’s going to be tons of fun trying to get the very best Pokemon Follower on Live servers!).

Naturally, as the climate-conscious Barbarian that I am, I’ve been returning my used thralls to the cycle of life judiciously, and well…

I’ve discovered a potentially very aggravating issue: When I long-press “E”, I don’t necessarily “hit” the Follower that I’m aiming at - I might well get someone behind them. Normally not a big deal - but for “Break Bond” it could be rather catastrophic!

I’ve mostly noticed this when thralls are placed closely together.
Naming my thralls (thankyouthankyouthankyou btw) will help with that, but we all know how many people really read the “are you sure” popups.


Targeting the Thrall right in front of me, right?

Nope! Was actually the one behind…


I can confirm i experienced the same thing when testing out the break bond option. I had a group of 5 thralls and when i pointed directly at the thrall i wanted to delete, it selected the one behind it every time. Unless i angled my point of view so that there was only ground behind the thrall i wanted to select, it would not select the one i wanted.

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Hello @Mikey, thank you for bringing this to our attention, the team will look into it as soon as possible!


Mikey, where was the white dot pointing when you killed her?

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It’s a laser beam! Those thralls better step out of line if they know what’s good for them.

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I’ll see if I can get some better screens up later, I am fairly confident it was pointing at the one in front - I wouldn’t stake my pension on it until I’ve checked it a few more times though (not able to play atm).

Regardless, I am sure there is something off about it.


There we go, pretty clean-cut case if I say so myself:

Point at front guy, white dot is definitely on him:

Select “break bond”:

Rear guy dies:


It must be that the rear guy was weaker then the front guy and it is just allowing you to cull the herd more easily. All joking aside, good find.

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Nice dodge, Daicas :heart_eyes: Thanks for testing!


This is just like lighting fixtures. You target the fixture and select pickup or destroy and the wall behind it gets destroyed.

The dot may be perfectly positioned on the image in front, but you HAVE to look closely at the text from the radial menu popup, before making the execution.

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We can name thralls now?


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