Bring back the Thrown Weapons the DLC Packs

Will Funcom be bringing back the thrown weapons from DLC packs? Because at the moment the pool for good Javelins is quite small and the least we should be able to do is make them look good with the DLC packs we paid good money for. Hasn’t agility suffered enough.


To my knowledge, every DLC pack has had the weapons they’ve always have. You’re asking for weapons to be added to previously released DLC.

As we’ve seen with Stormglass additions, we’re not likely to see this added for free. Even if I wish they would.

Irk, Khitan dlc had throwing weapons on release but then Funcom simply removed those.

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June 22, 2018 added the Khitan DLC. June 26, 2018 is when the wiki page for the Khitan Throwing Axe was created. When the page was created, it was with the Not Implemented Tag. The weapon was never available (as there was no patch between the 22nd and the 26th, the 29th was the closest date with a patch after the 22nd, and that didn’t even touch the itemtable). Thus never taken out.

On August 2, 2018, the Aquilonian DLC was released, the same day the linked paged for its throwing axe was likewise created and tagged as unavailable. Thus the weapon was never available, and never taken out.

Cannot remove that which has never been added.

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Yeah what Taemien is saying is true. I own all DLCs and they’ve never had any throwing weapons to begin with. What you see there are items found from datamining. Stuff that never got released but was planned. Things like this happen, in any game. What I can recommend though is installing mods if you play on PC, there’s plenty of throwing weapon variety in there.

Welcome to the forum m8. I cannot help a lot in this, of course i support your suggestion, but i believe that this conversation requires a summon on a high spirit…
@Ragnaguard can you listen? Our fellow exile needs your attention please!

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Still rather annoyed. Wanted to try Javelin shield in an attempt to formulate an agility build. Was going with a savage tribal theme for my character and thought the Pictish Javelin looked perfect but alas its not even in the Admin panel. It seems just like short swords (and most other agility weapons) I’m lucked out for choices.

Still wondering if funcom planned to rethink adding it in, from what I can see that’s a no but I’d still like to put the suggestion out there.

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Khitan throwing weapons were a thing and I crafted some myself during the times when those were available.
Then Funcom decided to remove them due to their decision to not implement any in future dlcs. But yeah you surely have all the data in te world and know better.
Who knows, maybe we will see them back in Khitan dlc part 2 Bazaar bazaar bundle only for 3000 (with discount applied).

Sure they are:

I can make them reappear too!


I should point out that they are not fully functional. They pair with sword, mace, and axe for unique dual wield combo as normal, but they cannot be thrown and do not consume when the kick/block/special is used. Since they cannot be thrown, they were never fully hooked in.

This one would love to see more skins for thrown weapons.
Especially to match the cultural packs.
Even more so now given how the off hand throwing axe pairs with other weapons patterns.
Most likely such things would be in the Bazaar.

And the crossbow while we are at it.
Even if it isn’t officially released, at least put it back in the admin panel for those who don’t mind the jank.

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Khitan throwing axe was part of initial Khitan dlc release before they removed it a week or less after release.
I have this game since beta release and remember using and crafting that item but you do you I guess.

Go ahead and spawn it in and try to use it. Its unfinished. Your memory is wrong. Sorry.

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