Bring Back White Rhinos!

Long ago in an exiled land far far away there where once white rhinos roaming the toxic slat flats. Then one day a “Rotbranch” (which seems a bit out of place) moved in and the rhinos have vanished from the lands.

I’m not saying it ‘must’ be back in the salt flats but it would be nice to get white rhinos back in the rotation. We already have variants for animals spawning with a :whatever:% chance of appearing so why not make like a 1% chance that any normal rhino will be a white rhino? Bring back the rhinos!!

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They haven’t vanished.

They’re simply not found in the wild. You have to breed them yourself (similarly to how it is/was in RL) i believe they’ve gone extinct. AFAIK.

They are still in game and can be bred.

If you need a White Rhino Head. Just go make it fight a world boss and harvest the pet carcass


Nothing happens without a vapid hashtag

I have no interest in white rhino heads. I want to see them back in the wiled were they belong. #freetherhinos


Am I hashtagging right?

Well none of us get it tight the first time.

Im going to farm rhinos now though…

I’m sure some of us get it tight the first time.:rofl:

I stand by my typo…

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