Where are all the white rhinos at?

I have searched the map endlessly for the last few days. Checked online for more information, spawn sites, everything, anything. I’ve checked and nothing.

I’ve had a member raise a rhino and it became white, but it did not drop its head when cleavered.

Have their spawns been removed from the game? (Or rather, I’ve read some players have them in their world and others do not - from previous posts)

They have a trophy that needs completed, but without a reliable spawn, searching for them, raising them only to not drop their head - it’s becoming tiresome. Has anyone else encounter this?

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Thank you for posting this issue. When i play the game, i always say that i need to make this question and i always forget it. :+1:. The only place that i found white rhino trophies, but not heads, it was to the pirate station in the jungle, droped as loot from the humanoids i kill.


If it is about the tophy to get an animal king head, I would recommend elk kings.

And dont know anything about the white rhinos.


It’s not about just getting the head for the single journey, or about a trophy. I have well over 40+ heads of most, including elk king. But the rhino - the white rhino - I cannot find. I have searched high and low, yet cannot find the spawn.

Thank you. While this doesn’t solve the major issue at hand, it will make a great gift to a member of the server, thank you.

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I allready ask for more info from other players in different servers and fellow members at this comunity and nobody ever saw a white rhino, i wish i had a different answer, sorry.

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Isn’t the white rino the super bugged boss at mitra oasis? the one that’s stuck and doesn’t hit you, that people use to no-stop farm leggendary keys?

That’s a King Rhino though it does look pale now.

I’ve spent over a year in game and have never seen a white rhino in the wild I have only seen them come from animal pens. No clue whether that’s intended or not.


Isn’t the white rhino north of Sepermeru? Before the mountains to the Mounds of the Dead.

I will try to confirm it when I get home

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Just scoped the area and there is a 1 skull Lion where I remember seeing the white rhino.

On the map it’s the A8 A9 B8 B9 area

Over the weekend I ran into and killed a one Skull rhino leaving Semperatu he looked white I got trophy head and journey step. Would have to check inventory to see what head is called their.

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Plenty of smaller white rhino there also. Savanna has black rhino occasionally and baby rhinos. Thunder foot elephant and white tiger near water falls If someone has not blocking spawning.

the king of rhinos suffers the same bugged behaviour just outside Sepermeru.
It faces you by moonwalking towards you ^^

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I’ve checked south of sepermeru.

I’ve checked north of sepermeru.

I’ve checked west of the brimstone/gas pools.

(On ps4) I’ve checked A8,A9,A10,B6,B7,B8,B9,B10,C7,C8,C9,D7,D8, E7,E8,G7,G8,K4,L4 - and everything has been grey rhinos. Everything. It took me a bit to recheck. But there only seems to be grey rhinos. Not counting the black Rhinos or the world boss rhino.

Not sure if you have tried this, but this might help you out.
Its possible the regular rhinos you have spotted may share the spawn point with the White Rhino you are looking for.
try killing the rhinos in the area, check back in 15 minutes or so, and see if the White Rhino spawns.

Oh, I’ve been doing that. I fear I’ve contributed to the decline of the rhino population.

Every since rhino I see is slaughtered

I checked tonight the head I got said king rhino head. I hope that helps find more will try to let u no

I appreciate it. I remember seeing them in that exact spot you mentioned months and months ago while on a single player game. Where you found the king rhino, (rhinohorn ridge, B6) but I can’t seem to locate them there now.

Still have not found them.

Is by chance they share spawn with normal rhinos now? Like other NPC’s? If so was there an update/patch that addressed this? @Hugo

I’ll continue to search. Because I’ve yet to see any solid answer online, and even the wiki doesn’t offer information about their whereabouts.

Hey @Iswut, we’ve forwarded this matter to the developers so that they can determine if there’s an issue.