White rhino head trophy

How does one get white rhino head throphy?
I cannot find white rhino anywhere.
And in wiki it said that white rhino used to be an animal in conan exiles.
Sooo what’s going on here?

I’m not saying it is the best way, but the white rhino is a pet you can get from a rhino baby. Let it suicide into something and then chop it up.

I got one after about 6 rhino babies.

if I remember correctly I know 2 spots where white rhinos spawn one in the savanna and the second north of the city of the relic hunters

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Gray, black, and rhino king there, no white ones.

I killed a white rhino in the savannah before the last patch was applied. I didn’t see one since but I didn’t really search for a white rhino.

There use to be white rhinos in those 2 areas I haven’t been in those areas in a while I’m always teleporting all over but I’ll check there tonight when I get on the game

Sorry I haven’t been able to get on the game had to do overtime at work gets busy towards end of the year but I should be on tomorrow morning i’ll try and check then

My main base is in the Oasis near Sepermeru, so I cross one of the area often when I travel north. I’ve seen there lots of grey and black rhino but no white ones. But I’m playing as offline solo game.

Went to both areas didn’t see white rhino but didn’t have the time to kill all the rhinos in both areas to see if I could get the white rhino to spawn could try that on my days off from work

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