How do I get the rhino?

I bought the dlc for my friend and myself at the early access launch and it mentioned that we get a rhino. But so far neither me or my friend hasn’t seen a rhino.

How do we activate it to use it? Can it only be used in single player or can we use it on a multiplayer server too?

But the main question is where do we get the rhino from?

You get a rhino skin but you will have to find and raise a baby rhino first. Search your feats for “wartorn”.

You should get a rhino cub from the center of the map, only near the grey rhinos afaik. And be careful of what kind of skin you use, I used the dlc one and I can mount my rhino, my friend used another one and he could only use the rhino as a pet.

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Anyone know where they spawn? Been running around looking for them and horses but no luck yet.

J9 on the map.


Cheers, will check it out :slight_smile:

F9 is where I got a brown Wooly Rhino baby and Foals spawn here too.

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I think you need the vanilla babies for the mounts though (they can be found on both maps).

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Yep bit stupid they added Siptah Rhinos and you can do anything with them. Pretty weak too.

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Nothing new, I guess. Pets have always been pretty weak.

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