Bring back Witch doctor recipes

Well now that it’s had time to digest, the new paradigm can be used to implement some reversions into the game that I think could be beneficial.

We have had JB favor event and the Head hunting event, and so how about a Yog event where you visit Nunu and he provides recipes (the undead pets as individual recipes and throw in some of the BP necromancy stuff like the horse skins, unholy communion, deformed bear along with anything else Yog related you can finish up as new content) and corrupted bones is the event currency (yes those corrupted bones used to fuel the making of the undead pets so the event still regulates their numbers). I would think these undead pets would be crafted in the shallow grave but that may be too difficult to adapt since that crafting bench is very specific so I can understand if it needs to be the alchemy bench still. As far as materials to collect for the event, we could see skulls, bones, blood crystals, golem parts, etc etc etc.




Yup, it’d be nice to be able to make the old pets again from the recipes at the Summoning Place.
They don’t have to be on par or even close to summoned zombies or thralls in my opinion.

It would be nice to have them for the base aesthetics, bonus points if there’s a synergy with corruption and sorcery to make them situationally viable, though.


yog themed event would be awesome, yog is my favorite god


I’d love to see more events and things relevant to more gods, but not in this way.

Witch doctor was ultimately phased out because it’s a worse version of the new necromancy, and they’re worse constructs replaced by golems filling that niche. The only thing WD had going for it is that they look cool, but are otherwise terrible and have been replaced.

I’d like to see skeleton followers brought back, and ideally mummies; but I want to see it be done in a completely different way. Perhaps new rituals to preserve zombies longer by drying them out, for instance.

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I can see that but the completely different way would be limiting since I don’t believe they are willing to step out of anything too novel or difficult. Just a gut feeling but I think they are stepping back from large sweeping changes.

i agree with that, i expect future events to be mostly be variations on the jheb sag hunt, just with a different ‘lure’ and different platforms to put them on, different event currency and different rewards.

I don’t necessarily think we need to bring back the old witch doctor skill, but I would like to see more variety in our undead servants. Maybe change the UI for the shallow grave. If you apply ichor and salts to a dead body in the grave you get a withered skeleton instead of a zombie and although weaker it doesn’t have a decay timer. Perhaps using Demon blood and Ebony silk you could wrap a mummy which has more hp that a regular zombie and lasts 6 days instead of 3. Perhaps using soul essence with witchfire powder you could create a Wight who hit harder than a zombie and has some resistance to mortal weapons.

Just a few thoughts.

May Set be with you :snake:

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I miss my undead cappas I used to keep 2-3 of them at my desert base. I would also like to see more verity of working thralls like undead or corrupt workers for those of us that dabble in sorcery or other unethical activities.

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