Broke the golem weapon

Managed to give my golem a weapon to carry cause i was overweight. He has now taken that weapon and started using it and then now I have a Dev_ITEM_ONLY sword in his inventory that I can put into mine


Will have to give that a try Welcome to the Forum

And in what way?

I was out killing sorcerers for more golem parts and I had found a legendary bitter warpike thing. I used my golem as a backpack to carry the golem parts and the pike. When a dog attacked me he whipped out the warpike and had that overlayed over the sword and there was a no icon invisible item in his inventory with the description xx_DEV_ITEM_ONLY_xx and the name also has a similar apperance being something like xx_golem_sword_t2_xx or something like that. After the combat phase ended and he went to rest stance he unequiped the pike and took his sword back

And what is “bitter warpike”?

Bitter Bite, a legendary weapon I found in a chest.

Ah, got it. But it is not legendary, it is crafted on a workbench.
Bitter Bite (Epic) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki (

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