Broken textures

With the last patch Artisans and Fighter thralls have their original clothing in white, missing texture.

Edit 1: Parts affected seem to be only pants and chest. Gloves and shoes seem to be ok.


On the Cimmerian armor set has gloves and boots showing up black. Chest,head and pants look ok.

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It appears to be an issue with the coarse armour, even unbroken thralls wearing it are having the same issue;

It also effects broken fighter thralls;

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the coarse tunic armorset also have this texture bug on players and not just on thralls


Since the latest patch on testlive i have noticed a lot of textures missing or looking bad. I’ll add some screenshots and try to explain what is in them.

Stairs, wooden floors are missing from the Accursed Citadel. I have entered the citadel from the west side and went towards the ground floor. Noticed that a lot of the wood stuff is not visible and the character was floating while standing on them.

The next 2 screenshots show that the markings on the Leyshrine while doing a surge are not visible anymore. You can clearly noticed only the light blue and red colours.

As now the Vault entrances and levers are back to normal, there is one last thing that is acting weird. The door Triggers, the things you step on to open the next section of the vault.

And as for the last one, it was made inside the broken Goblinoid Leyshrine. That fire is a bit to bright :slight_smile:

I did not wanted to make another topic in regards to Textures, so i just added them in here.

If these issues are related only to the Testlive Client, let me know please :wink:

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All spider webs surrounding the spider vaults look like this.

This is still present and caused me to crash a couple times.

I over did it and just jumped/sprinted/fight on the missing tiles, you floatin’ there but can still fight. There is also a area near another entrance(Accursed Priest/Archer spawn point) the area is missing texturen aswell. I’ll put a screenshot with the other area aswell when i come back home.

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