Brutal server for serious players

The Grind House is a RP-PVP (PC) server for players who want a challenge. The XP and gather rate is half and thrall breaking times have been increased along with structure damage. If the game has gotten a little too easy, if you want to feel like you are actually surviving, come join the Grind House. Life in the Grind House is harsh and when you level you will feel like you’ve actually accomplished something real.

We do run sexiles so players 18+ only please!

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Where is the server located? US, EU?

Heya, the server is located in US Texas. We are now using the Savage Wilds map. Cheers!

FINALLY! A hardcore server! Hopes it has good ping for a EU player

Server is dead :frowning:

I don’t have a hardcore server, but i do have a vanilla server thats almost the exact same as an official server. Mitra’s Blessing, if you want to check it out.