Come test your skills on THE GRIND HOUSE


Tired of Alpha clans and Russians ruining your experience? Tired of logging in only to find you’ve been offline raided? (Ladies? Tired of annoying teenage boys asking for your SnapChat?) Forget the headache of official servers. Join The Grind House.

The Grind House is a PVP-RP server for mature gamers who want to build, have fun, and make new friends without having to worry about an alpha clan blocking oblisks or having all your hard work destroyed while you are at work.

Who am I? My name is Valerie Black (Velara in game!). I’m a huge roleplay and fantasy nerd. I love cosplay and conventions. My boyfriend got me hooked on Conan Exiles. I love the game but can’t stand official servers. I tried unofficial servers but to many of the servers I tried had silly rules about foundation stacking or other such non-sense. So I’ve decided to create my own.

The Grind House is currently looking for new players. So, if you are looking to escape the bedlam of the official servers, a girl trying to avoid creeps, or you just want to try a little roleplay, come join me.

1x gather rate
1x exp
Extended Dusk and Dawn times
.5 offline thirst
.5 offline hunger
Public Map Rooms near all oblisks for fast travel!

Mods list in order:
Sandbox: Sustainable Farming
Fifty-tifty - steel makes sense

Discord Channel: 4