Buff For Yeti Pets

Hello everyone! I’m relatively new to the game and recently got the Boon of the Black Yeti out of pure chance on my first try! I was so excited I ran home tripping over rocks and face planting in the river! I’ve got to say though… this thing is an utter disappointment. Same amount of carry space as most everything else, less damage then a hyena and less armor then a wolf….

I know already that it’s been said 100x but we need a buff to these pets. My suggestions would be:

  1. Give the yeti (or all the apes) a taunt and more armor, but keep their damage low. This option makes them a good way in both pve and PvP to take care of thralls or bosses.

  2. Keep HP and Armor the same but tape rockets to their fists so that their mass actually means something in power! (Increase their damage) as if you make them a glass cannon of sorts.

  3. Give them a much larger carry pool. (Please don’t do this one) lol

Just my thoughts and feedback. I spent several hours unlocking this animal and it ended up being a turd! Looks good, sounds cool… but it’s useless :[



Most NPC animals are really worthless except a few. I have a huge mammoth in my base that does nothing and I would not dare take him out to fight, lest I lose him to a tough elf.


Hi and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
I definitely know what you mean with the ape pets. I feel like all the pets could do with a bit of an overhaul, but especially the sorts that are realistically only obtained in the later game. Early game pets can be fairly decent, reasonably tough and damaging without the added costs of having to be equipped. But by the late game thralls outstrip pets completely because of the benefits of epic equipment. I suspect there’s intention behind that, but it leaves pets like the apes/yetis, which take relatively ‘late game’ ingredients to get an RNG shot at not really having a place to fit in.

For what it’s worth - Yeti’s do improve a bit if you can get some levels on them - I seem to recall their health goes up pretty well. But they’re still disappointing enough that I know I’ve never got one close to level 20.

The ‘taunt’ idea is a nice one - something that makes them stand out as different from everything else would go a long way towards making them feel a bit more special (given the ‘work’ required to get them) :slight_smile:


The elephants are AWEFUL! But they have a nice carry space buff!


I’ve gotten mine to level 12 so far trying to focus its food on either strength or agility. It’s gotten a little bit thicker thank god, and it’s HP is creeping up there quickly, but it’s gotten a lot of strength levels and still hits as hard as my character can punch lmao. It just feels like they left a “0” off of the end of the damage number or something.

I would be ok with it having lots of health, low armor with a low chance at increasing armor and a lot of damage. It would be more of a Zerg character that way!

Also thanks for the welcome!


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