New Primate Pets... underwhelming

Is it just me or are the new ape pets underwhelming?

as far as I know there’s no way to get ‘greater’ versions of these pets, and I had assumed that the power level of the ape in question would have been a direct result of the heart placed in the chest at Hanuman’s Grotto, I.E. The harder it was to get the heart, the more powerful the resulting pet would be…

I had a Heart of a Nordheimer, A withered Heart (from the new boss in the grotto) and the Kingscourge heart, resulting in a Yeti Protector, a Gorilla, and a Grey Ape respectively.

I was really excited by the imposing physical size of the Yeti Protector and thought “Wow, I bet that thing kicks serious butt!”

I named it Thumpy and took him down to one of the boss gators near my shack.
Normally I can take a single Greater Crocodile over and it tanks while I bleed it out with daggers. This costs about 1/4 of the croc’s health bar.

Trying this with Thumpy resulted in the quick realization that if I didn’t run, I’d be carrying home a yeti corpse to put in a fluid press…

“Ok” I thought “maybe it’s because the heart of a nordheimer isn’t especially hard to get. Let’s try the grey ape”

Same song, 2nd verse… run or the pet’s gonna die

So underwhelmed am I, that I have renamed them all, and they now serve as living decorations for the house.

The names are less than charitable, and I will not repeat them here.

Anyone else feel like they’d rather have the hearts back for more useful purposes?

there are 8k versions though. at least on TestLive, there were

the live versions seem different than what (I think) I saw in the PTR.

I feel like I watched a vid where the nordheimer heart gave a big scary looking black furred yeti, and the yeti formerly known as Thumpy is white furred and weak as a kitten.

I dunno, I’ll keep trying i suppose

I will check the admin panel when I am back but there were black yetis and king kongs for sure.

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@Scratch They are on live as well.



I think part of the problem is that the pet animations/attacks/interactions in general are really glitchy and buggy. So the gorilla style pets in the game are going to have a pretty low damage output, because their attacks are so f’d up. They just have big health pools and look cool.

Ahh I’m not crazy thee was a big mean Black yeti, butI had the hearts mixed up!


For those pets / thralls I’ve found to be practically useless, I “encourage” them to stand atop a palisade. It’s satisfying on several different levels.

I actually put a little level 2 fighter out to die months ago on the mountain by my base. Shortly after, they nerfed feeding thralls and he has been there ever since. Two days ago I was going over the pass and there he was, dead, lying next to a meteor. I don’t know why, but it broke my heart to see him dead.


More informal testing.

After grabbing the scourgestone heart and grabbing a Black Yeti Protector, I found that while he is better than the others, he’s still lacking.

Same HP as greater croc
Low Attack Damage
Low Attack Speed (Buggy attack routine)
Low Armor - 25% life remaining where my croc would be at 75%

I feel like the ‘elite’ apes need a buff to their armor and a large buff to their outdoing damage.

(informal, not completely scientific testing , but fairly representative of my usual game experience)

Neat looking critters though…

My white yetis are decoration as well.

Two of them protect a Map Room. One of them stands near an equally useless Frost Giant near the ToF, while one is just out in the middle of nowhere where mammoths, sabretooth and meteors fly - see how long he makes it on his own LOL.

Lastly they were so underwhelming I left one right outside of the Grotto to play with Imps and Shalebacks.

I’m actually fine with the OP. Not everything that is newly introduced has to outshine everything else in the game. That’s how games get broken, it’s a death spiral. ADDED: My case point, Lifeblood spear and the 50 threads about it rn

Sometimes that’s enough

I gotta agree to disagree,
You’d merely copy/paste all the stats of the Greater croc, change the status effect to Sunder and viola, nothing game imbalancing, simply another flavor for the pets.

I actually argue in favor of the ‘op’ items being in the game… I think caving to a group that refuses to do the work to get the items in question is a way to make a game pretty boring.

I do not believe something can be OP if everyone can get it.

WoW and SWG ran into this with craftable foods. People that took the time to level their food crafting in either game enjoyed buffs that made the effort of learning the trade wothwhile.
But people unwilling to work for these advantages complained that it was unfair…eventually the developers caved to the complainers and in both cases food was nerfed into the ground.

This was especially egregious in SWG because:

A. There was a very solid player economy that allowed for you to simply purchase the foods off of the chef’s vendor kiosk. You didn’t have to spend any time learning the trade at all…

B. Once food was nerfed, chefs suddenly had no reason to play anymore as their character was suddenly worthless.

So instead of expanding their playerbase, Sony Online shooed a bunch of non-combative roleplayers off of their title in favor of whiners that just wanted to ‘pew-pew’ and not have to put in any effort other than maxxing their character’s combat profession.
The very same whiners who would eventually abandon the “boring” game their complaining created.

Destiny 2 had a weapon come out called “Prometheus Lens” which was decent in PvE content, but was ‘broken’ in pvp , dropping time to kill an opponent down to a fraction of a second.
On top of that, it was a continuos beam weapon, which made aiming the thing child’s play. You’d simply hold down the trigger and drag it across the poor souls who had the misfortune of being in front of you.

Inititally - this was VERY BROKEN when only a few folks had it.
A great weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth arose on the forums…

everyone had it…
and the resulting Crucible matches completely changed becoming crazy exploding laser-pointer extravaganzas where reaction time and luck became very much the order of the day…
and it was GLORIOUS FUN.

Sure some folks complained still on the forums, but erveyone I ran with was laughing their ■■■■■ off the entire time on comms, even when they died.
Hell… especially when they died.

Bungie quickly nerfed the gun to a respectable level of carnage but my squad always wished they would have made a crucible game mode based around ‘op’ versions of their favorite weapons… maybe someday, now that Bungie is getting away from Activision.

As a result of that experience, I think that not only should the Lifeblood spear come back to it’s pre patch glory, I think Funcom should expand on the arsenal of wild, wacky items, some of which would serve to counter the ‘op’ quality of the LBS.

Again, merely my opinion, after having watched the actual death spiral of Star Wars Galaxies.

The yetis definitely do look pretty cool and menacing.

Not gonna lie.

No actually I agree with basically everything you said. I think the mistake with the lifeblood spear was that it should have been any weapon other than a spear so as to not further feed that meta which was OP. I’m not about just creating a new meta that outpowers the old one either. That’s why I’m fine with the occasional new pet being underpowered but have certain other appeals. I am all about options and variety. Options allow you to run happy fun laser time as well as slower, more strategic boards. I enjoy crafting and can sympathize with the chef ordeal. I never agree with caving in to the whiners especially when that involves giving away things that people have earned (for example even if it’s just learning which column to climb to get aloe soup - DONT GIVE THAT AWAY FC).

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I would agree with others, they are purely decorative. Functionally, pets are fairly useless for … well, let’s be honest, much of anything (one possible exception, for lower level players who don’t have a higher tier bearer). You can’t heal them, they have virtually no defense and their attacks are generally underwhelming.

For fun, go into admin mode and spawn Kinscourge. Then pit a Black Yeti against him. It’s worth the lulz.

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i dunno, I still like bringing a Greater Croc from time to time… When My Named bearer decides he doesn’t feel like attacking what I’m attacking…

I find the greater crocs can take quite a beating and dish out bleed damage. I like them better than any other pet

It depends on what you’re fighting. For the serious stuff, a T4 volcano fighter in heavy gear and either Telith’s or Blade of the Aventurer will outperform any pet that I’m aware of.

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Oh I know, I’m not saying they will outperform a T4 thrall, I’m just saying that you can get pretty solid ‘tank’ with a baby croc you found on noob river, provided he grows up to be a ‘greater’. (which is simply a matter of throwing enough baby crocs in the animal pen until one comes out beefier)

One that’s at least good enough to tank all content in the game… (short of volcano stuff… It’s still too buggy in there to try dragging a pet/thrall through.)

I’m pretty sure my Croc can tank the Kinscourge, and I know it will tank Dagon.
(Haven’t tried one in the new dungeon yet)

I do not know if they meant to make them that good for that long of the leveling process, but I highly recommend them to newer folks in their current state until they are able to get a decent t4 thrall

The Volcano is where you take those thralls who’ve outlived their usefulness and sacrifice them to Xuthl.