Hanuman's Grotto - Pets

@Tephra I will test with a sample of 20 (wish these hearts stacked to more):

  • The silverback gorilla you get from Heart of a Hero:

  • The black yeti you get from Heart of the Sands

  • Regular human hearts give Hanuman’s gift potions: remains the same

  • Heart of a Nordheimer gives the regular yetis:
    Tried with 20 more cos too few yetis:

  • Withered Heart gives the regular gorillas:

There is some rng involved as expected but you get 5-6/20 unless you are unlucky :laughing:

EDIT: To re-confirm the potions currently give no buffs which is marked in the patch notes as known issue by Funcom.


Ok, so presumably everything was affected equally then.

In my opinion, the Black Yeti should go back to 100% chance. The Black Yeti is not that good of a pet (the Silverback is arguably better) and the Heart of the Sands is far more difficult to acquire than any of the other hearts.


Agreed. If I was setting up a mod, requiring a heart of the sands or equivalent in difficulty would result in a 100% chance. That’s how I would personally set it up anyway.


Well, they kept the 20% chance for Black Yeti, so I guess they will go extinct.

If they wanted to limit them then why not just put it on a cool down rather then this? Make it like the legendary chests where it gets used up after one and you need to wait however long for a new box to appear. The game mechanic is already in place and is significantly less infuriating.


Where is king scourge heart? That used to get the black yeti as well.

The Heart of the Kinscourge has always given the Grey Ape.

You can see the table I made on the wiki.

Then why did I get a total of 12 black Yetis from it 5 weeks ago?

Mods? False memory? Glitch in the Matrix?

The Heart of the Kinscourge has always given Grey Apes.

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The heart of the sands (scourgestone) gives black yeti. I got mine 1-2 weeks ago, when I made ~5 heart of sands.

Maybe you mixed that up… I never traded Kinscourge heart there… Make weapons with it :smiley:

I collected fifteen of every type prior to the patch dropping, since I knew it would be much harder afterwards. And yes, that includes fifteen Hearts of the Sands, which was a lot of work.

Yep, always good to lurk in TestLive!

I have never used the heart of the sands in that cave. I don’t even get it unless I’m planing to make the keystone.

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