Hanumma Cave Pets

I can’t get pets from Hannuma’s cave anymore. I just get the potions. I’ve tried every heart and they all gave potions. What am I missing? Did they change it???

There’s now a 20% chance to receive a pet.

So statistically I need to bring 5 hearts to maybe get 1 pet?

I have tested this on TestLive. Haven’t tested again on Live but my results are as follows:

Why even nerf it? None of the pets are that tough. Poison could arrows from a safe distance kills everything.

Well, it was a very fast way to get pets, compared to the regular way of catching a baby and having it grow in an animal pen. It’s not the difficulty of killing them, but the fact that people could spam the places full of low-tier pets, causing all sorts of lag and havoc.

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