Hanumons grotto broken?

Any one else having problems wit the hanumons gift i tried farming for yetis n just kept getting gorillas i recently got the full stone thru a raid but when i went n tried a heart of a hero again nothing but potions then i got the stone of my thrall nothing but a potion …

The type of primate obtained from the offering chest depends on the type of heart being offered Ksk5547, with different hearts (potentially) yielding different primates.

The thing is that even with the correct heart, the chances of securing the primate you desire are percentage based, and not great for that matter.


I had no idea some of these were options… mind blown


This is something I didn’t knew ,omg still learning in this game :rofl::rofl::rofl: . Thank you very much my dear friend :+1: . Still I don’t invest time in pets anymore . The only pet I like in this game is the horse and if we had dogs maybe I would have one or two , but that’s it . Pets are hard to train and harder to control . They are very vunerable and to get one greater ,that really worth the effort you have to create a lot ,so … no thank you :wink: .

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I use to get a goriila every other try but that helps alot but some one told me the sand stone that u peice together is a garenteed yeti n it took my stone but still nothing but the gift

I dream of the day when the gigantic yeti is a strong pet. I want to return to monke and cover my base with king kong clones

The one really worth trying is a Greater Sabertooth. They are… imba when they strike lvl 20. Kittens are not too hard to get: there always are 2 of them in Jebbal Sag dungeon, and chances to get a Greater one are increased with a Shadebloom flower. They don’t need any weapons or armour, only some meat. The only drawback is that they kill Thralls instead of knocking them out :wink:


Sounds like a mod opportunity for a “declaw” pet weapon… will also save the pretty furniture

Ι once had a greater sabertooth that had 470% attack power , still I couldn’t put it a gas mask :wink:. There is not a pet that I haven’t train but unfortunately PvP is not for pets . I learned this the hard way my friend . But since we speak about pets try the Queen locust . This is the most annoying pet you can train because of these 10 poisoning stacks she gives . Once in a PvP server ,before the thrall nerf , it killed 3 opponent thralls because they didn’t have gas mask and she stayed alive :japanese_ogre::wink: . It is a very vicious pet .

With in 3 messages it got way off track lol no one has confirmed if its buggy for them aswell i no the percentage chances and drop rates but every now in again it bugs out n all i get is potions no matter the quanity or item i put in the only out kome if any are gifts lol i no sabers are better i no teimos is one of the best human thralls im kurrnetly studding the food/ perks out komes lol smh i was just curious if the bug, glitch or maybe even broken aspect i have ran into is only every now n then wen the severs glitching if its broken or if its a sign out sign in fix type of bug lol so im just curious if any one had had this problem if its broken or if its a bug or if theres a work around wit out admin paneling anything or getting an admin to do so

@Ksk5547 I am pretty sure @Croms_Faithful Nailed the answer for you. Last time I went to the grotto it took me a dozen tries to get a Yeti. I put it near my base, and everyone oohed and awwed at it. I even made the cover of PC Gamer. That was three years ago . . .

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@JJDancer you made the cover of PC Gamer!? Thats pretty darn cool! Do you have an image…?