Gorilla Pet chances decreased?

I read somewhere that the chances of getting gorillas from Hanuman’s Grotto has decreased, but the wiki has yet to update on that, anyone know the 'round about percentage? don’t really wanna make multiple trips to get more hearts. Thanks in advance.

20% not worth it.

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that’s just an oof. I don’t get why gorilla babies aren’t just purchased, personally. but oh well, looks like I’m just gonna save up the hearts as I get them and make a big trip.

So, I just stocked up on Nord hearts, cause that where I’m based at, and made a trip down, not one yeti. not worth it is an understatement. lol.

Different types of hearts give you different results

I actually found the wiki page that says the chances.
It’s actually 20% per heart, different hearts give different gorillas or a yeti.

Different heart types can give you gorillas, white yeti, and black yeti … I don’t remember which hearts give which sorry I don’t use pets only thralls

it’s on the wiki link i put in the last reply.

Think the heart you get from the black keep gives you the black yeti but not 100% sure there’s videos on YouTube you can check out firespark, jade, and sethum have done videos on it

Oh ok cool

Just sucks that Gorillas are the only animals that have such a low chance to get, especially when the wiki has a page on Gorilla Infants, which don’t exist. The yeti would make sense to have a small chance, but it should be more like the Frost Giant, where it would spawn from a specific NPC.

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