Hanuman's Grotto Needs looking at and the pets need buffing and being better. (Bad RNG and lackluster pets)

20% chance on a black yeti when you have to keep constantly collecting the 3 pieces and then put them together and then hope for RNGjesus is too much work for such a follower.

The whole grotto rewards need to be just a fixed ratio and not 20% because it’s not rewarding for the player to waste their time for a potion. That’s why nobody uses any of the rewards from this Place. I’m on my 7th try using the Heart of the Sands That’s seven i had to farm up and use for a potion.

The pet rewards should be split 50/50 chance.

Edit: I got 1 Yeti from 10 Potions, Took me 11 attempts in total to get the Black Yeti and omg does it suck in combat.


why not just farm up a load of Nordheimer hearts? Same chance for the yeti

No there’s two yetis. A regular and a black (Greater)


ah, got you!

I disagree, the pet rewards should be 100% like there were originally when they were first introduced. None of the Hanuman pets are particularly good, so there is no reason to make them significantly more difficult to acquire than other, better, pets.

Now that pet taming time has been reduced to approximately four seconds, there is even less reason to keep them being a very low chance.

Or, alternatively, make all of the pet hearts drop one of the pets randomly, with the rarer hearts providing higher odds for a bigger pet. Made an example of what I mean:


Or even better to make them list of choice like they are going to do with the Archivist library.
I go, i kill, i choose, that’s a real reward for my effort not rng.
So the hearts can stay with rng and the “key stone” will give me the choice, not just the heart of sands :wink:.

Ps. I see people fixing elevators on chaos mouth more often :laughing:.

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The Yeti pets tbh need to be buffed Big time!. They have a cool Throw rock attack, But it’s extremely short ranged. And has no splash (I’ve seen it miss at point blank) The Actual Physical Attacks are also slow and weak and are prone to missing. Took me 10 attempts to get 1 Black yeti and i feel like it’s very meh as a pet.


Agree. Obtaining a black yeti comes with an awful lot of grind, especially when we consider how ineffective Pets are at the current point in time. If memory serves me correctly, I tried several times to obtain one then abandoned the pursuit. Furthermore, I am happy to dial back the RNG aspect of the game where it is reasonable to do so.

Is the molten heart even available on the Exiled Lands at this time? To the best of my knowledge, they could only be obtained from one of the bosses in the Sepermeru encounter.


The Black Yeti pet is buggy too. Issues

1# It’s ranged attack is VERY Short ranged, it has to get into melee combat range to use it. And even then it can miss and it doesn’t do much damage. Has no Splash, and has a rather long cooldown making it ineffective

2# The Pet often uses very slow attacks and some of the attacks miss even larger enemies.

3# Due to the size of the pet, it’s easy for smaller enemies to gang up on it and kill it really quick.

4# It can sometimes even through a invisible boulder and/or the boulder doesn’t even get thrown and the yeti runs around with it in it’s hand.

5# switching it to prefer ranged, Which i had hope would make it just keep throwing the boulders. Instead Makes the yeti completely bug out. It will constantly just stand still waiting for the cooldown, run around and not attack. Stand on buggy locations as it attempts to keep a distance. And generally not play well.

Fixes i think it needs. Black Yeti pet should be strong given how hard it is to get. And it remains a hard to achieve pet, then least fix it.

  • Increase HP of the Yeti

  • Increase the damage of it’s attacks

  • decrease the interval between attacks.

  • Give it’s attacks a chance to knock down enemies.

  • Give some of it’s attacks a larger splash.

  • Give it’s range attack a longer range and a shorter cooldown.

  • Fix the hitbox on it’s attacks so it doesn’t miss all the time.

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Yes, the reward is not worth the effort at all. I received this pet on Siptah from the pirate boss, looked at the characteristics and threw it away. I didn’t even bother to level it.

No, although the Blowback encounter does seem to be enabled again in the beta.

However, those extra two were not entirely serious as Baboons do not currently exist as a pet (I made that Baboon pet icon myself). If Funcom added pet Baboons, and if they reopened transfers, then they might consider implementing the Siptah hearts.

Currently, if you do have a Blackened Heart or Molten Heart, they are completely ignored by Hanuman.

I completely agree.

Either the pets from Hanuman’s Grotto need to be good, but rare. Or crappy, but common.

Right now they’re crappy, but rare. Which is stupid.

… Oh, I had an idea.

Change the gorilla’s/yeti’s from “pets” to “thralls” so they can use armor and weapons (doesn’t have to be visible). That would make them unique. :grin:

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